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Unbelievable Own Goal Costs User FIFA 21 FUT Champions Match

If you've ever lost a FIFA match due to a last minute goal, you know the gutting feeling that ensues. This unfortunate gamer fell victim to a heartbreaking own goal that simply must be seen to be believed.

Over the years the FIFA franchise has provided us with heart-throbbing moments, both good and bad. The ecstasy of a last-minute winner, and the sheer disappointment of defeat at the death.

If you play enough, you'll likely experience both ends of the spectrum. And for our friend u/Sem073, it was the latter that likely resulted in a smashed controller.

What looked to be a sure 2-2 draw as extra time wound down, quickly turned into disaster. A simple free kick in Sem073's own half somehow resulted in a nightmare own goal.

Gutting Injury Time Own Goal

After a brief spell of pressure and solid defending from u/Sem073, a free kick was awarded for offsides, and the game seemed finished. But the final seconds still produced a twist in the tale.

From nearly the same spot as a goal-kick, a full power clearance was attempted to evoke the final whistle. However, Virgil van Dijk had other plans.

For reasons unknown, computer-controlled Van Dijk attempted to bring down the full blast free kick with his chest. And the ball bounced to the only place it could, the back Sem073's net.

It was a shocking mistake from one of the best Defenders in the Premier League and the world for that matter. Keep u/Sem073 in your thoughts the next time you're on the bad end of a last minute goal.

Watch the heartbreak of the FIFA 21 added time own goal below.

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