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FIFA 21 New Next-Gen Hair Technology is Stunningly Realistic

A closer look at the immaculate graphics of FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Stunningly realistic new FIFA 21 Next-Gen Hair Technology takes this EA Sports title to a different level.

There's no doubt that EA Sports FIFA 21 has been a success thus far. And with Next-Gen consoles releasing in early November, the game received an even further upgrade.

While the official Next-Gen launch didn't go live until December, early returns suggest it was well worth the wait. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S operate the brand new graphics engine, and the features are incredible to say the least.

It's still the FIFA that fans have loved dearly over the years, but it's clear that EA Sports has entered the Next Generation of gaming. Check out some of the new features including spectacular Hair-Strand technology.

Next-Gen Hair Strand Tehnology

EA Sports' new FIFA 21 Next-Gen hair technology is setting the standard with it's marvelous visuals. The Frostbite gaming physics engine operates on a higher plain than most all other current models.

Specifically, FIFA 21 Next-Gen has made hair and the way it moves more realistic than ever. Previous engine's essentially grouped sections of hair into patches which were able to move semi-realistically.

The Frostbite engine goes miles beyond, as it takes into account each specific strand of hair, granting a far more realistic visual. It looks great when players are running, changing direction, or simply turning their head in a close-up shot.

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It's clear that EA Sports has taken every measure to make this years FIFA more realistic than ever. Lionel Messi has even been given his trademark red-tinged beard, while the hair on top of his head remains brown.

It's tiny details like this that will go a long way with gamers, as they'll appreciate EA's efforts to provide a top product. Check out a full video breakdown of the Next-Gen FIFA graphics below.

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