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Unbelievable Next-Gen FIFA 21 Ghost Goal Glitch – VIDEO

This FIFA 21 Next Gen glitch is simply unexplainable as it defies both the rules of football and physics alike. A ball that flew wide of the post was ruled a goal as the crowd exploded with excitement.

The Next Gen upgrade for FIFA 21 is now live and gamers have already experienced shocking displays. Both good and bad, the popular EA Sports title has been responsible for high intensity moments over the years.

FIFA 21 player and Reddit user u/oscart57 recently clipped a glitch in the system that surely evoked fits of rage. A shot that seemed to fly wide of the goal was ruled to be much, much more.

Before anyone could think, the pyrotechnics behind the goal were firing and the crowd erupted in cheer. The deadlock was broken and the goalscoring had begun.

FIFA 21 Next Gen Glitch Awards Questionable Goal

A pull-back cross to an open Striker in front of net is a terrifying proposition for FIFA 21 defenses. For u/oscart57 it was even worse as the goal was wider than it appeared.

When their opponent received the pass and saw an open corner of the net to finish, the score seemed certain. Then the ball missed the target, flying wide and u/oscart57 had renewed hope, but only for a moment.

As if the ball had hit the back of the net, the goal celebrations erupted throughout the stadium. Crowd cheer, pyrotechnics behind the net, and even the stadium goal song played as the scoreboard read 1-0.

The FIFA 21 Replay System was seemingly trolling, as an overhead camera angle highlight clearly showed the ball flying wide of the post. Nonetheless the goal was given and u/oscart57 was somehow behind in the match.

Comments under the video argue whether or not the ball did actually go in. Some jokingly suggest that the new Next Gen physics engine is so realistic that holes can be created in the net.

Watch the clip below and decide for yourself.

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