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FIFA 21 High Demand Silver Lounge FUT Trading Method Explained

The Silver Lounge in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team can be a nice starting point for new FUT managers. It's a quick and inexpensive coin making method to get the ball rolling for your Ultimate Team.

The initial stages of building out a FIFA 21 Ultimate Team can be frustrating, as raising funds is not always easy. There are a few different ways to turn a profit, but most require already having a balance of FUT Coins.

While an experienced FIFA Ultimate Team manager will find those methods useful, others may still be fundraising. This time we'll be looking at the Silver Lounge High Demand FUT Trading Method that can help on day one of your squad building.

Managers can start Silver Lounge High Demand FUT Trading for as little as 300-500 FUT Coins and still turn consistent profit.

Silver Lounge High Demand Coin Making Explained

The structure of Silver Lounge High Demand Trading is rooted in the Silver cards of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. While most managers won't look to Silver cards to build out their FUT Champions squad, they can be very useful when completing particular challenges.

Silver Lounge in FUT 21 requires just that, as gamers can unlock special cards by playing FUT Friendlies matches. The game mode requires a squad of all Silver cards, giving them all a boost in trading value.

The example will use random Silver cards found on the marketplace. However, we can offer a head start with some higher valued silver cards found in our Top 20 Strongest Players in FIFA 21.

Either way, you'll be able to consistently turn profit without spending copious amounts of FUT coins using this method.

Live FUT Friendlies Silver Lounge Demand

To begin the coin making method, head over to the FUT Daily Objectives menu and click in to Silver Stars. The challenges and player rewards here will cause an uptick in demand for other Silver players.

For the purposes of this article, we'll be using the Moise Kean 74 TOTW card available via the Silver Stars challenge. The challenge requires a tally of Wins, Goals, and Assists in the Silver Lounge.

FIFA 21 Silver Lounge Trading Method Silver Stars Moise Kean Screenshot
Daily Objectives - Silver Stars

Managers interested in completing this challenge and unlocking the Keane TOTW card will need Silver players, and fast. The Silver Lounge requires a squad of only Silver cards to compete, so there's surely demand.

The next step is to head to the marketplace and search out Silver FUT cards. If you're low on coins it's best to set the Max. Price to 2,500 or less just to get things going.

Another filter to add if you're looking to fire up your search results is the League selection. Choosing from one of the top five leagues will usually warrant higher demanded players.

FIFA 21 Silver Lounge Trading Method Silver Cards Search Screenshot
Set the Max. Price to fit your budget

What you're looking for in the search, is players that would be integral to an all-Silver side. This could be players who are higher-rated Silvers, or a Silver card with same League/Nationality (helps with squad chemistry).

When you identify a High Value Silver card, compare that search with others listed to ensure you find the best price. Purchase the cheapest listed and prepare to re-sell it for a quick profit.

FIFA 21 Silver Lounge Trading Method Drinkwater Player Search Screenshot
Compare the available cards to find the lowest listing

Gamers looking to build out a quick Silver squad and complete the Silver Lounge challenges will be in demand of these cards, and you will be in supply. The expiration date on Silver Lounge challenges mean most gamers won't take the time to carefully build out a Silver squad for just two or three games purpose.

Re-listing Your High Demand Trading Piece for Profit

After acquiring your High Value Silver Card, head back into the marketplace and search out that individual player. These prices, along with the price you purchased at, will help you determine a fair listing for your card.

Now list your High Value Silver card and prepare to collect the funds from your trading method. A quick and reliable profit turned for simply searching, buying, and re-listing.

FIFA 21 Silver Lounge Trading Method Drinkwater ReListing Screenshot
List your High Value Silver card for a profit

As long as EA Sports continues to release valuable challenges in the Silver Lounge, this should be a reliable trading method. The challenge rewards present players enough incentive to buy Silver cards, and their demand increases as result.

While the trading method likely won't produce 10k transfers, it is still quick and effective. And if you were to complete 10 of these quick trades for 500 FUT Coins each, (would likely take 10-15 minutes) that's 5,000 FUT Coins for searching, purchasing, and re-listing.

If you weren't able to follow the trading method via text, we'll include a brief video explaining the process below. Courtesy of YouTube creator LE96z, the Ultimate Team Trading Tips video should tie up any loose ends.

We'll be producing other FIFA Ultimate Team Trading Methods like this one to help our readers improve their balance. It's an integral part of FUT as the more funds you acquire, more transfer power will be at your disposal.

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