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FIFA 21 Goalkeeper Makes Two Unbelievable Errors in Hilarious Video Clip

This FIFA 21 Goalkeeper error likely made the gamer smash their controller after a messy situation. Not one, but two unthinkable blunders resulting in an own goal.

Goalkeepers have been responsible for some of the best FIFA content over the years. A dribbling run the full length of the pitch to score a goal, a penalty kick save with a diving leg, and yes even the blooper reel errors.

FIFA 21 player and Reddit user u/vpaps22 recently clipped a goalkeeping error that likely caused a controller to be broken. What looked to be a routine bouncing ball turned into an error that can never be unseen.

It all happened so fast, and a ball that should've been controlled at the 18 yard line, ended up in the back of the net. And it was all the goalkeeper's doing.

FIFA 21 Goalkeeper Makes Two Unbelievable Errors

A free kick taken deep in the other team's half is usually nothing to worry about. For u/vpaps22 this simple play went from bad to disaster in a matter of seconds.

The opposition Center Back takes the kick with a predictable full-powered long pass. The aerial ball clears all the field players and looks to be bouncing comfortably at the top of the 18 for u/vpaps22 goalkeeper to collect.

However, the goalkeeper takes matters into his own hands. Rather than catching the ball off the bounce, the keeper decides to charge at the ball before it can land.

Clearly unsure of his positioning, the goalkeeper opts to dive and head the ball to prevent a potential illegal handling foul. The headed attempt, does not go as planned, to say the least.

The ball bounces backwards towards the goal before smacking off the cross bar and falling gently in front of the line. Rushing back towards goal, all the keeper needs to do is catch the ball and this is all forgotten.

Instead, he opts to attempt a diving punch, which completely misses. The ball then bounces again and into the net.

That's right, this goalkeeper created the own goal all on his own accord. Truly one of the most frustrating FIFA clips you'll ever see.

Watch the clip below and keep u/vpaps22 in your thoughts.

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