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FIFA 21 Debuts as the Best-Selling UK Digital Game

FIFA 21 enters the top sales list in the digital sector while the franchise prepares for the next-gen consoles' arrival.

Last week, it was reported that although FIFA 21 had successfully debuted in the UK, physical sales registered a significant drop. However, this could be due to a considerable increase in sales in digital format.

What no one expected was that this would benefit the newest EA Sports title. FIFA 21 became the first game in the franchise's history to sell more in digital format than in physical.

FIFA 21 makes its successful debut

FIFA 21 won the sales-rank battles, beating Star Wars Squadrons and the new Crash Bandicoot title.

The latest UK sales report, courtesy of GSD, shows that FIFA 21's debut was a huge success, putting the newest installment at the top. According to the firm, the game's sales in digital format covered the drop it had for the physical one.

Hence, FIFA 21 maintained recent deliveries' success, placing itself as one of the players' favorite titles in Europe.

The report indicates that a significant part of digital sales is due to the arrival of the next-gen consoles.

As EA confirmed, the game would be updated for free with the new consoles through their Dual Entitlement program.

So, before there is an official version of both systems with, perhaps, a higher price, players preferred to try the current-gen versions.

Some other factors, such as the pandemic and the decision to opt for digital format in a game of this type, contributed to these results.

Joining FIFA 21 in the Top 10 were EA's Star Wars Squadrons, in second place, and Activision's Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, in third.

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GSD's UK Digital Sales Top 10

FIFA 21 is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. It will launch soon on Xbox Series X/S & PS5.

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