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How to Get a David Beckham 86 FUT Card in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team managers can now earn a David Beckham 86 FUT card to add to their squad. Celebrate the legendary English midfielder’s La Liga debut for Real Madrid in the 2003/04 season.

The great English midfielder has played for some of the top clubs in world football and won trophies at the highest of levels. He left a lasting football legacy and is now known as a worldwide brand.

Now for a limited time, FIFA Ultimate Team players are eligible to receive a David Beckham 86 card. With impressive stats, English Nationality, and a La Liga club, this card looks to be a tantalizing piece.

81 Shooting, 90 Passing, and 83 Dribbling are certainly intriguing tools to work with. And anyone familiar with Beckham's game knows this card will be a set-piece master with a splendid Curve rating.

How to Earn David Beckham 86 Card

Unlock the David Beckham 86 RM card by playing FIFA 21 by January 15, 2021. Once completed, you'll receive the untradeable, one-of-a-kind David Beckham card to add to your FUT squad starting December 15, 2020.

The untradeable tag means this card can only be earned through this exclusive promotion. It cannot be found or purchased on the marketplace or in any FUT Packs.

Beckham will also be added to the illustrious FUT 21 ICONS squad on December 4. His ICON cards ratings will be unveiled on November 27, 2020.

FIFA 21 Next Gen

The FUT 21 ICONS squad release perfectly aligns with the official launch of FIFA Next Gen. PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are currently live, however FIFA 21 won't be crossing over until December 4, 2020.

Remember, purchasing FIFA 21 beforehand ensures a free upgrade to Next Gen status thanks to dual entitlement. Gamers can still play on the current gen and the upgrade will automatically apply in early December.

Ultimate Team managers can breathe a sigh of relief as progress from current generation consoles will transfer over to Next Gen. Meaning you won't need to completely rebuild your Ultimate Team come December 4.

Unfortunately, Pro Clubs status will not carry over to Next Gen as part of dual entitlement. To help ease the transition, Gaming Intel has written up a tutorial for earning Skill Points in FIFA 21 Pro Clubs.

And for those looking to get up and running before Next Gen goes live, be sure to check out some of our premium Ultimate Team content. We've compiled guides for popular Trading Techniques to help raise funds for your squad.

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