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FIFA 21 Cheating or Fair Play? EA Sports Gamer Using Full-Pitch View

This football fanatic is taking his gaming experience to a whole new level. But is this incredible set-up for FIFA 21 cheating or fair play?

As we push on into the new year, FIFA 21 gamers are as excited about the title as the first week it went live. EA Sports has shown us everything thus far; stunning goals, gutting last-minute defeats, and even head-scratching glitches at times.

Of course with any popular title, gamers are always looking to find a competitive edge. Typical progressions usually include cheat codes, controller modifications, or other performance enhancing tweaks.

Now FIFA 21 has its latest iteration of bending the rules to find an advantage. Or is this marvellous set-up perfectly legal after all?

Find out below and decide for yourself!

Stunning FIFA 21 Gaming Station

Recently, FIFA 21 player and Reddit user u/gatsbuu uploaded an image that caught the attention of the EA Sports community. Posing the question, is this set-up for FIFA 21 cheating or fair play?

There has been much discussion around camera angles in the game, particularly once the title went Next-Gen. The Next-Gen default camera angle was changed, and users actively tried to find out how to revert to the original FIFA camera view.

But u/gatsbuu seems to have circumvented the problem completely. Their gaming set-up includes an immaculate view which presents the entire pitch on screen.

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After further review, it appears that u/gatsbuu is playing on an ultra-wide monitor. Using the normal Default camera angle, they are able to see the pitch end to end.

This isn't exactly cheating, as there have been no modifications made to the game or controllers. However, it's likely that official FIFA tournaments would require the monitors more normal dimensions.

Either way, this is an awesome set-up and likely provides an advantage for FUT Champions and other competitive game modes. For Weekend Leaguers, check out our updated FIFA 21 FUT Champions Weekend League rewards.

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