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Best Value FIFA 21 Bundesliga Forwards Under 5k FUT Coins

A shopping guide for the best FIFA 21 Ultimate Team value purchases from the Bundesliga's Forwards. Build out a clinical attack for under 5k FUT Coins for each player.

Having a dangerous front line is a crucial component for every FUT 21 squad. Being able to score goals can get you get results from matches, and mask deficiencies of the team.

Gamers can over-pay for players in the early months of FIFA Ultimate Team, as the number of cards available is lower. To help out, we've compiled a list of the best value purchases for Bundesliga Forwards.

Bargain Bundesliga Forwards in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Strikers, Left, and Right Wingers to complete your attack for less than 5k FUT Coins each. A reminder, these FUT Coin prices are accurate as of October 21, 2020 and they are subject to change.

Best Bundesliga Striker's (under 5k)

Center-point's to lead your line in attack.

Andrej Kramarić (82 Overall)

TSG Hoffenheim - 1.2k/1.1k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Andrei Kramarić 82 FUT Card

A crafty Striker capable of creating on his own, Kramarić is off to a nice start this season. His FUT card offers Managers a dynamic option up front, headlined by his Four star Skill Moves/Weak Foot and 85 Dribbling ability.

83 Shot Power and 85 Long Shots suggest Kramarić is capable of long range goals. An added bonus of this card is his 90 Penalties rating, a great option for your designated kick taker.

Wout Weghorst (81 Overall)

VfL Wolfsburg - 750/800 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Wout Weghorst 81 FUT Card

A massive Striker standing 6'6'' tall, Weghorst is built in the Peter Crouch mold. His game is simple, target-man who should be provided aerial service.

Make use of his height, 79 Jumping, and 88 Heading Accuracy to win balls in the air. Impressive 85 Stamina ensures this big man will put in a shift.

Alassane Plea (80 Overall)

Borussia Mönchengladbach - 800/800 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Alassane Plea 80 FUT Card

Plea is a well-rounded Striker who offers managers a bit of everything on the pitch. He carries Four star Skill Moves, 79 Dribbling, and 80 Ball Control.

The Shooting stats are impressive, highlighted by Plea's 85 Finishing, 84 Shot Power, and 82 Long Shots. 83 Curve is a nice feature as well when attempting finesse shots.

Best Bundesliga Left Winger's (under 5k)

Inventive attackers to cut in and create from the left hand side.

Marcus Thuram (80 Overall)

Borussia Mönchengladbach - 900/900 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Marcus Thuram 80 FUT Card

Thuram is a 6'4'' attacker offering great speed and strength coming in from the Left Wing (88 Sprint Speed, 86 Strength). He's a capable goalscorer as shown by his 82 Finishing and 83 Shot Power.

80+ Dribbling is always a key with a LW card, and Thuram checks out there. Set his player instructions to Get in Behind to take advantage of that serious pace down the touchline.

Amin Younes (75 Overall)

Eintracht Frankfurt - 500/550 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Amin Younes 75 FUT Card

On loan from Napoli, Younes is a tricky little Winger with good dribbling capability. He carries 90 Balance, 87 Dribbling, 83 Agility, and Four star Skill Moves.

Younes is less of a goalscoring threat with only 58 Shooting stats, so don't expect him to produce goals. However, his dribbling and 76 Short Passing can be effective setting up teammates.

Andreas Voglsammer (73 Overall)

Arminia Bielefeld - 4k/4.2k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Andreas Vogslammer 73 FUT Card

Andreas Vogslammer is a hard working Winger with a plus in the athleticism category. His 80 Pace (84 Sprint Speed), 83 Jumping, 83 Strength, and 82 Aggression are above average for his position.

He is capable of having a pop as well with 80 Shot Power to complement his speed. Don't be afraid to let fly with this card as it could create a rebound goal for nearby attackers.

If you're looking to go in a different direction, you might consider our Premier League and La Liga guides for Best Value Forwards Under 5k.

Best Bundesliga Right Winger's (under 5k)

Right-sided specialists to produce goals and service from a wide position.

Patrick Herrmann (78 Overall)

Borussia Mönchengladbach - 650/950 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Patrick Herrmann 78 FUT Card

A very affordable card for less than 1k FUT Coins, Herrmann offers managers a variety of skills. 78 Acceleration, 77 Agility, 80 Reactions, and 79 Dribbling speak to his reliable play.

He also carries 80 Vision and 77 Short Passing, so he should be able to pick a pass in the final third.

Cebio Soukou (70 Overall)

Arminia Bielefeld - 1.6k/1.9k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Cebio Soukou 70 FUT Card

The Benin international is a big, physical Winger ready to motor up and down the touchline. His 6'1'' frame, 79 Pace, and 79 Strength offer solid tools to work with out wide.

Make use of Soukou in a side instructed to press the ball high up the pitch. His 79 Stamina should hold up fairly well over a full 90 minutes.

Akaki Gogia (69 Overall)

Union Berlin - 950/1.2k FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Akaki Gogia 69 FUT Card

The stats on this card won't blow anyone away, but Gogia does possess valuable skills. 84 Agility and 86 Balance will help to keep the ball from challenging defenders.

What stands out here are the Four star Skill Moves and Weak Foot. As long as you keep it simple and don't do too much, Gogia can play an effective role in a squad.

Honorable Mention

Just missing out in the Striker's column, but still a value-buy.

Yussuf Poulsen (78 Overall)

RB Leipzig - 800/800 FUT Coins (PS/Xbox)

FIFA 21 Yussuf Poulsen 78 FUT Card

Since the 2018 World Cup, the Danish international has stepped up his game to a new level. Just last week he scored this absolute rocket of a volley to secure all three points against FC Augsburg.

His FUT 21 card is extremely affordable and offers a 6'4'' frame with 83 Jumping and 85 Heading Accuracy to play target-man. Poulsen also possesses the Pace to run in behind with 80 Acceleration and 82 Sprint Speed.

If Poulsen continues this run of play he'll find himself in line for a TOTW Card in no time.

Remember that chemistry is an important part of building a successful FUT 21 squad. Be sure to reference our guide for Best Value Bundesliga Midfielders Under 5k to link with some of these Forwards from the German top flight.