FIFA 20 Update 1.11 Patch Notes | PS4, Xbox One and PC

FIFA 20 Update 1.11 introduces some major changes.
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EA has released a brand new update on PC, with Xbox One and PS4 set to follow suit soon. FIFA 20 Update 1.11, also known as Title Update #10, is now available to download. Here are the official patch notes.

This patch has introduced a slew of changes to the game, ranging from gameplay improvements to bug fixes. The changes typically address problems in FUT as well as Career Mode. There’s no word on how much file space this update takes up, but it shouldn’t be too substantial.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, EA has made some front end visual improvements. In addition to this, they have also fixed an issue where dynamic items would sometimes temporarily disappear. Other fixes address how the transfer list sometimes showed incorrect numbers, manager items having 0% negotiations, and lastly, rare occurrences of the game freezing when attempting to Play A Friend.

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In terms of gameplay, Dribbling has been improved, easy shots are now significantly more effective, while Green Timed Shots are now less impacted by error. Alongside this, EA has also reduced how long players can stand at Kick-Off. It was previously 30 seconds but is now 15 seconds. This will be useful as you will no longer have to wait as long when your opponent leaves their game running but doesn’t play.

The gameplay changes also increase the likelihood of scoring against your opponents. EA has confirmed that if you shoot from a very tight angle, it’s now more likely to be on target since the arrival of FIFA 20 Update 1.11. Finally, one of the gameplay edits involves transitioning into a Set Piece, which will put a stop to accidentally triggering certain Set Piece techniques.

The full FUT 20 patch notes for today’s update have been detailed below, courtesy of the official EA forum.

FIFA 20 Update 1.11 (1)
FIFA 20 Update 1.11 (2)
FIFA 20 Update 1.11 (3)
FIFA 20 Update 1.11 (4)

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