FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Predictions – FUT Team of the Week Squad

Here are our predictions for the FIFA 20 TOTW 18 squad.
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Another set of Football fixtures are now upon us, which means a bunch of new FUT 20 Team of the Week players are on the horizon. With this in mind, here are our predictions for the FIFA 20 TOTW 18 squad.

FIFA 20 TOTW Announcement Time & Date

Each squad is usually announced at 3PM GMT time on a Wednesday. Inform players then become available in packs on the same day at 6PM GMT.

Sergio Aguero (Man City) (89-90-91)

In his latest match against Aston Villa, Aguero scored a hat-trick and also managed to get an assist. There’s absolutely no doubt that he will find a spot in this week’s TOTW.

Sergio Aguero FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Inform

Riyad Mahrez (Man City) (84-86-87-88)

Mahrez scored two goals and assisted this weekend against Aston Villa.

Riyad Mahrez FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Inform

Richarlison (Everton) (79-82)

In a recent fixture against Brighton, Richarlison scored the game-winning goal. That said, there’s a fair chance this player will receive a gold inform next week.

He currently costs around 2000 coins, so their inform version shouldn’t be too expensive.

Richarlison FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Inform

Oliver McBurnie (Sheffield United) (74-80)

McBurnie scored the game-winning goal against West Ham on Friday, with a one-goal lead. His current card costs merely a little under 2000 coins, so his inform version won’t come at a too hefty cost.

Although one goal usually isn’t enough to justify an inform version, it’s important to note that this was to get 3 points.

Oliver McBurnie FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Inform

Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) (83-85)

Rashford scored two goals on Saturday against Norwich. He played an important role within Manchester United’s 4-0 win overall, so there’s no reason why an inform version of the player isn’t on the horizon.

In addition to this, Rashford is also yet to receive an inform card, making it all the more likely. His current card costs 7000 coins roughly, but an inform version will likely be around the 100,000 range.

Marcus Rashford FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Inform

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Juan Mata (Manchester United) (82-84)

In a four to zero lead against Norwich, Juan Mata amassed a total of two assists. There is an 87-rated SBC card of Mata, but a gold inform version will be a cool addition to the game nonetheless.

You shouldn’t expect an inform version to be too expensive if you take into consideration Mata’s pace.

Juan Mata FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Inform

Reece James (Chelsea) (73-79)

In a recent 3-0 win against Burnley, James managed to keep a clean sheet in addition to assisting. This prediction might seem like a stretch, but it’s still possible regardless.

Reece James FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Inform

Doucoure (Watford) (81-84-86)

Doucoure already has an inform card, but that’s no reason to suggest he won’t get another one. The player scored and assisted in a 3-0 win against Bournemouth on Sunday.

His 84-rated inform costs around 40,000 coins depending on your platform, so it’s likely his next inform will be just under 100,000.

Doucoure FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Inform

Gaetan Laborde (Montpellier) (78-82)

Laborde assisted and scored in a recent win against Amiens in the highest French league. While Laborde’s goal was the difference between 3 points, it’s fair to say this a likely inform card for the upcoming FIFA 20 Team of the Week squad.

Laborde FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Inform

Matt Simon (Central Coast Mariners) (62-72)

Simon scored two penalties both beyond the 90th minute to win a recent game in the Australian A-League. It’s fair to say this player is a likely candidate for the next FUT 20 TOTW.

Matt Simon FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Inform

Bruno Fernandes (Sporting) (85-86)

The Sporting player scored a brace in a recent 3-1 win against Setubal in the Portuguese league.

Bruno Fernandes FIFA 20 TOTW 18 Inform

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It’s important to note that these are just predictions, instead of the official Team of the Week. In the official squad, there’ll be more players featured than just the above.

What do you think of our FIFA 20 TOTW 18 predictions? Are there any players you disagree with?

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