Key Points
Completion Time:
~30 minutes
Fierce Deity Armor Set
Fierce Deity Sword
Must Haves:
Completed the Prologue

The Fierce Deity Armor is one of the coolest armor sets in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Thankfully, you can get the iconic Majora’s Mask set without purchasing any amiibo!

Of course, should you choose, you can use the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo to get the Fierce Deity set instantly. And there are a great number of amazing rewards that amiibo owners can unlock with ease.

For all those unwilling to seek out a collectible figure to earn their in-game rewards, here’s how to find each piece of the Fierce Deity armor in TOTK.

How to Get All Fierce Deity Armor Pieces in Zelda: TOTK

All three Fierce Deity Armor pieces (and the weapon you can unlock by getting all 3) can be claimed right at the start of the game.

There are no prerequisite tasks that must be complete to claim the Fierce Deity gear, but it helps if you’ve unlocked several of Tears of the Kingdom’s Fast Travel points!

Fierce Deity Boots

The Fierce Deity Boots are one of the easier pieces of gear to find as they’re in one of TOTK’s early game areas.

  • Head southwest from Lookout Landing until you get to this lake just above Mount Daphnes on the map (Coordinates: -1101, -0465, 0063).
Where to Find Fierce Deity Boots
  • Head to the center of the lake over the wooden bridge and drop down inside the Ancient Tree Stump.
Ancient Tree Stump Zelda TOTK
  • Use your glider to survive the fall and make your way to the bottom of the cave.
Entering the Ancient Tree Stump
  • Near the bottom of the stump, you’ll be able to find one empty chamber leading nowhere, and one vine-blocked path.
  • Once you see these vines to cut, you’ll know you’re going the right way. Slice them up and walk into the next room.
Finding the Fierce Deity Boots TOTK
  • Moving past the cut vines, you’ll see a chamber that has one giant root in it.
Climb This Giant Root TOTK
  • Climb that root to its very top.
Getting to the Top of the Root TOTK
  • Then, cut one more set of hanging vines to get to a shrine containing the Fierce Deity Boots.
Get the Fierce Deity Boots Zelda TOTK

Fierce Deity Armor

The Fierce Deity Armor is even easier to claim than the Boots, however, it’s a little further afield in Eastern Hyrule.

  • North of Zora’s Domain but below the Akkala Highlands, you’ll need to travel to Akkala Citadel Ruins (Coordinates: 3282, 1503, 0417). This is right next to a fast travel point at Domizuin Shrine.
Where to Find the Fierce Deity Armor Tears of the Kingdom
  • Enter the ruins at this location and look to the right.
Where to Find the Fierce Deity Armor Zelda TOTK
  • You’ll see a small hole in the wall that Link can crouch (press Left Stick) to walk through.
Find the Fierce Deity Armor Zelda TOTK
  • Inside the hidden room is a hole in the floor. Drop in to find the next shrine.
  • Open the chest to claim your Fierce Deity Armor!
Get the Fierce Deity Armor Zelda TOTK

Fierce Deity Mask

The final piece of the puzzle, the Fierce Deity Mask, may look like it’s being guarded by a boss but clever players will notice that there’s no need to fight.

  • The Fierce Deity Mask is hiding in Skull Lake (Coordinates: 3322, 3418, 0191) right in the top right corner of the Hyrule map.
Fierce Deity Mask Tears of the Kingdom Location
  • For best results, use the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower to the south and glide over as far as you can go.
  • Then, from the top of the mountains surrounding the lake, you can glide right onto the tower in the center of Skull Lake.
Skull Lake Fierce Deity Mask Location TOTK
  • Climb to the top of the tower (you may want to bring some stamina-restoring ingredients or sleep in a luxury bed prior to coming here) then drop inside.
  • Use your glider to survive the fall and then make your way through the cave.
  • Destroy the breakable rocks inside with a weapon fused with a rock or with bomb arrows.
Finding the Fierce Deity Mask Zelda TOTK
  • Defeat the enemies in the next chamber but don’t worry about Stalnox, the giant skeleton boss.
  • Although you can easily defeat him by shooting its eye out with an arrow and then hitting the eye repeatedly, the boss can be ignored completely.
  • Instead, climb up to the shrine ahead and claim your Fierce Deity Mask!
Fierce Deity Mask TOTK

And just like that, you now have all 3 parts of the Fierce Deity Armor, which each grant an Attack Up bonus! But if you want the Fierce Deity Sword, you’ll need to do one last thing.

How to Get the Fierce Deity Sword in Zelda: TOTK

To claim the Fierce Deity Sword, players must first find and wear all 3 pieces of the Fierce Deity Armor.

While wearing them, head to the west side of Cephla Lake (Coordinates: 2609, 1313, 0149), found just west of the Akkala Citadel Ruins where you found the Fierce Deity Armor.

Where to Find the Fierce Deity Sword Zelda TOTK

There you’ll discover2 treasure hunters waiting outside a cave, but they won’t let you in initially.

For a bonus piece of Ember Armor, you’ll need to drop a few pieces of meat to the dog who is hanging out nearby.

Feed the Dog Zelda TOTK

Once it has eaten its fill, the dog will lead Link into the nearby cave. Follow it and once you enter the final chamber a door will automatically open (provided you’re wearing all 3 Fierce Deity Armor pieces).

Before you head into the new area, follow the dog to where it lies down.

Ember Trousers Location Zelda TOTK

Use Ultrahand to pull the treasure chest it indicates out of the ground and you’ll get the Ember Trousers.

Then, go inside the newly-open room and claim your Fierce Deity Sword from the chest!

Fierce Deity Sword Zelda TOTK

Congrats, you’re now fully equipped as the ultimate Hero of Hyrule (at least where Majora’s Mask is concerned).

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