The Pokemon GO Primal Rumblings event has added four new Field Research Tasks for players to complete, all of which involve catching the Gen 3 starters or Pokemon from the Hoenn region.

Any time you spin a PokeStop during the Primal Rumblings event from February 22 to February 24, 2023, you could get one of these Field Research Tasks!

Here are the four new Field Research you could pick up during the Primal Rumblings event as well as the possible rewards you could get for completing them:

Field Research TaskPossible Rewards
Catch a Treecko10 Poke Balls
5 Great Balls
2 Ultra Balls
Catch a Mudkip10 Poke Balls
5 Great Balls
2 Ultra Balls
Catch a Torchic10 Poke Balls
5 Great Balls
2 Ultra Balls
Catch 3 Pokemon originally discovered in the Hoenn region10 Razz Berries
10 Pinap Berries

Finishing these Field Research Tasks will likely also help your progress in the brand-new Pokemon GO Primal Rumblings Collection Challenge. However, if you want to complete this challenge before it expires, you’ll want to act quickly!

Luckily, completing these tasks should be pretty straightforward. Not only are all of the Hoenn starter Pokemon part of the Primal Rumblings wild Pokemon spawns, but Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic are also in the new selection of Pokemon GO Raid bosses!

Hoenn Starters Pokemon GO

In addition to the Primal Rumblings event, the Primal forms of two Legendary Pokemon have finally made their Pokemon GO debuts:

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