The Noxious Swamp event in Pokemon GO has added a number of new limited-time Field Research Tasks to complete. Each of them has an excellent reward!

Dragon-type and Poison-type Pokemon are in the spotlight during the Noxious Swamp event. This extends to the new Field Research Tasks, as you can encounter three Poison-type and three Dragon-type Pokemon as rewards.

Spinning a PokeStop during the Noxious Swamp event (from 10 AM local time on August 19 to 8 PM local time on August 22, 2023) in Pokemon GO may give you an event Field Research Task.

These are the limited-time Field Research Tasks in the Noxious Swamp event:

Field Research TaskPossible Rewards
Catch 3 Poison‑type PokemonGrimer, Skrelp, or MareanieGrimer Pokemon GOSkrelp Pokemon GOMareanie Pokemon GO
Catch 3 Dragon‑type PokemonDratini, Trapinch, or NoibatDratini Pokemon GOTrapinch Pokemon GONoibat Pokemon GO
Battle 2 Team GO Rocket Grunts5 Potions, 3 Super Potions, or 2 Revives Potion Pokemon GOSuper Potion Pokemon GORevive Pokemon GO
Battle 3 Team GO Rocket Grunts2 Mysterious ComponentsMysterious Component Pokemon GO

In addition to being able to get these Pokemon from completing the corresponding Field Research Task, it is also possible to get the shiny versions of all of these reward Pokemon apart from Mareanie. Therefore, shiny hunters may want to farm some of these Tasks during the Pokemon GO Noxious Swamp event.

This also means that the brand-new shiny Skrelp can be obtained from the Catch 3 Poison‑type Pokemon Field Research Task!

Pokemon GO Noxious Swamp Event

Even if you can only pick up these Field Research Tasks until 8 PM on August 22, they don’t expire. This means that there is no rush to finish them as you can complete them at any time.

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