The Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Returns event is adding some brand-new Field Research Tasks for players to complete – and a trio of great reward Pokemon to earn.

In addition to the long-awaited return of the iconic Pikachu with a Detective Hat, the Detective Pikachu Returns event has brought plenty of new Research to Pokemon GO. This includes a number of bite-sized challenges in the form of exclusive Field Research Tasks!

Spinning a PokeStop or Gym Photo during the Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Returns event (from 10 AM local time on October 5 to 8 PM local time on October 9) may give you a limited-time event Field Research Task.

These are all of the new Field Research Tasks in the Detective Pikachu returns event:

Field Research TaskReward
Catch a Grass‑type Pokemon
SudowoodoSudowoodo Pokemon GO
Catch a Pokemon with Weather BoostSudowoodoSudowoodo Pokemon GO
Catch a Flying‑type PokemonSnivySnivy Pokemon GO
Take a snapshot of wild Water‑type PokemonSnivySnivy Pokemon GO
Catch a Water‑type PokemonRowletRowlet Pokemon GO
Catch a Psychic‑type PokemonRowletRowlet Pokemon GO

If you are very lucky, you can encounter the shiny versions of both Sudowoodo and Snivy from your Field Research reward encounters.

However, the shiny version of Rowlet has not arrived in Pokemon GO yet, so you’ll have to wait a bit longer before you can catch this shiny!

Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Returns Event

If there is a particular reward Pokemon you are after, remember that you can remove Field Research Tasks by pressing the trash can icon in the top right of the task. This will give you more room to pick up the tasks that you want!

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