The Pokemon GO World Championships is back for 2023, and the in-game celebration event has plenty of new Field Research Tasks for players to complete!

Plenty of these Tasks have event-themed rewards encounters too. This includes chances to catch the 2023 World Championships costumed Pikachu and the brand-new Pokemon Passimian!

Spinning a PokeStop during the 2023 World Championships Celebration event (from 10 AM local time on August 11 to 8 PM local time on August 15, 2023) in Pokemon GO could give you a limited-time Field Research Task.

These are all of the 2023 World Championships Field Research Tasks in Pokemon GO:

Field Research TaskReward
Catch 7 PokemonWorld Championships
2023 Pikachu
2023 World Championships Pikachu
Power up Pokemon 5 timesMagikarp, Seel, Spheal, or WimpodPokemon GO MagikarpSeel Pokemon GOPokemon GO SphealWimpod Pokemon GO
Power up Pokemon 10 timesGalarian Zigzagoon, or Alolan SandslashPokemon GO Galarian Zigzagoon
Trade a PokemonPassimianPassimian Pokemon GO
Battle in the GO Battle League1000 StardustPokemon GO Stardust
The Pokemon GO Blog says that there will be Field Research Task Alolan Sandshrew, but it is not in the game yet. This seems to be an error, and we will add this Tasks to the table once it is are in-game.

Of course, most players will want to complete the Field Research Tasks that reward the costumed Pikachu or Passimian. This is because these Pokemon are brand-new to the game and do not spawn in the wild!

However, any of these Pokemon are good to catch. This is especially the case considering that evolving Seel and Galarian Zigzagoon during the World Championships Celebration will give you a Pokemon with an exclusive featured attack!

What’s more, most of these reward Pokemon – all of them apart from Passimian, Wimpod, and Alolan Sandslash – could be shiny if you are lucky. This makes these 2023 World Championships Field Research Tasks great for shiny hunters!

2023 Pokemon GO World Championships
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