Pokemon GO is celebrating the start of Summer with the Water Festival: Beach Week event, and it has added quite a few new Field Research Tasks for players to pick up and complete.

To go along with the theme of the event, the rewards for these Field Research Tasks include Water-type Pokemon, Mega Energy for Water-types, and even the brand-new Pokemon Sandygast!

Spinning a PokeStop during the Water Festival: Beach Week event (from 10 AM local time on June 6 to 8 PM local time on June 12, 2023) could give you one of the five new limited-time Field Research Tasks. They are:

Field Research TaskReward
Water Festival: Catch 5 Water‑type Pokemon10 Poke Balls or 5 Great ballsPoke Ball Great Ball Pokemon GO
Water Festival: Catch 15 Water‑type PokemonFrillish (Female)Frillish (Female) Pokemon GO
Water Festival: Catch 25 Water‑type PokemonSandygastSandygast Pokemon GO
Water Festival: Make 5 Nice ThrowsClauncher Clauncher Pokemon GO
Water Festival: Make 5 Great ThrowsBinacleBinacle Pokemon GO
Water Festival: Make 10 Great Throws30 Blastoise or Swampert Mega EnergyBlastoise Mega Energy Pokemon GO
Water Festival: Hatch An EggLapras Wearing a ScarfScarf Lapras Pokemon GO

While all of the Beach Week Field Research Tasks have some excellent rewards, most players will be after the ‘Catch 25 Water-type Pokemon’ Task. This is because completing this task is just one of the two ways to get Sandygast – the other being defeating it in a Tier 1 Raid.

Also, if you are lucky, you could also get the shiny versions of Frillish, Clauncher, Binacle, or costumed Lapras as a reward for completing one of these Field Research Tasks. Unfortunately, shiny Sandygast isn’t available just yet!

Pokemon GO Water Festival Beach Week
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