The Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular event has returned for 2023, and it has added some great new Field Research Tasks for players to complete.

Of course, like the event, these Field Research Tasks are themed around Psychic-type Pokemon. This means that the rewards include encounters with Psychic-types and Mega Energy for Psychic-types too!

Spinning a PokeStop or Gym during the Psychic Spectacular event (from 10 AM local time on September 20 to 8 PM local time on September 24, 2023) in Pokemon GO may give you an event Field Research Task.

Here are all five of the new Field Research Tasks in the 2023 Psychic Spectacular:

Field Research TaskPossible Rewards
Catch 5 Psychic‑type Pokemon• Solosis
• 10 Poke Balls
• 5 Great Balls
• 2 Ultra Balls
Make 10 Curveball Throws• Galarian Slowpoke
• Solosis
Make an Excellent Curveball Throw• Kadabra
• Metang
• Inkay
Spin 5 PokeStops or Gyms• Solosis
• 500 Stardust
• 2 Pinap Berries
Win a Raid• 50 Alakazam Mega Energy
• 50 Slowbro Mega Energy
• 50 Gardevoir Mega Energy
• 50 Medicham Mega Energy
2023 Pokemon GO Psychic Spectacular Adventures Abound

Fortunately, three of these five Field Research Tasks can reward you with an encounter with Solosis, meaning that there are plenty of chances to catch the new shiny Solosis!

Meanwhile, many players will also want to complete the ‘Win a Raid’ Field Research Tasks. This is because Mega Energy is pretty hard to come by, and Mega Gardevoir is currently the only Mega Pokemon in Raids!

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