Every year, Pokemon GO celebrates Fashion Week – an event where Pokemon dress up in their most stylish outfits – and 2023 Fashion Week has plenty of exciting Field Research Tasks to complete!

Of course, to go with the event’s theme, the rewards for these Field Research Tasks include plenty of costumed Pokemon. Even the brand-new costumed Wooper can be encountered through this Field Research!

Spinning a PokeStop or Gym Photo Disc from 10 AM local time on November 15 to 8 PM local time on November 19 could give you one of the event Field Research Tasks from Pokemon GO 2023 Fashion Week.

These are all of the limited-time Field Research Tasks you could pick up:

Field Research TaskReward
Catch 5 PokemonFashionable Costume BlitzleFashion Week Blitzle Pokemon GO
Catch 10 PokemonFashionable Costume Wooper or KirliaFashion Week Wooper Pokemon GOFashion Week Kirlia Pokemon GO
Catch 15 PokemonFashionable Costume ButterfreeFashion Week Butterfree Pokemon GO
Take a snapshot of your buddyFashionable Costume DiglettFashion Week Diglett Pokemon GO
Take snapshots of 7 different wild PokemonFashionable Costume ShinxFashion Week Shinx Pokemon GO
Take a snapshot of Absol or Frillish in the wild1000 XP or 1000 StardustPokemon GO XPPokemon GO Stardust

If you are very lucky, you could also get the shiny version of any the the costumed reward Pokemon! This certainly makes all of these Field Research Tasks worth completing!

It is also worth noting that the Catch 5 Pokemon Field Research Task is the only way to encounter Fashionable Costume Blitzle for free during this year’s Fashion Week. Other than that, it is only available to get through the Fashion Week: Runway Stars Paid Timed Research!

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