The Pokemon GO Dark Flames event has added plenty of new content, including a new selection of limited-time Field Research Tasks.

Of course, these Tasks follow the event’s theme of Dark and Fire-type Pokemon, and the rewards for completing them are specific Pokemon of one of these types. This also includes the brand-new Pokemon added in the event, Turtonator!

Spinning a PokeStop during the Dark Flames event (from 10 AM local time on June 29 to 8 PM local time on July 2, 2023) could give you one of the four new limited-time Field Research Tasks.

These are all of the tasks and the reward encounter you get for completing them:

Field Research TaskReward
Catch 5 Fire‑type PokemonMagmar or LitwickMagmar Pokemon GOLitwick Pokemon GO
Catch 5 Fire‑type PokemonAlolan Meowth or Alolan GrimerAlolan Mewoth Pokemon GOGrimer Pokemon GO
Win a Raid in under 60 secondsAlolan Marowak or SneaselAlolan Marowak Pokemon GOSneasel Pokemon GO
Win 3 RaidsTurtonatorTurtonator Pokemon GO

While every Pokemon trainer wants to catch as many ‘Mon as possible, there is one Field Research Task that they will especially want to get. Of course, this is ‘Win 3 Raids’, as the reward for that is an encounter with the new Pokemon Turtonator.

Turtonator does not spawn in the wild currently. Completing this Field Research Task is just one of the two ways to catch Turtonator in Pokemon GO!

And if you want to add Turtonator to your Pokedex, you’ll want to pick up the Field Research Task as soon as possible. This is because it won’t be available after 8 PM on July 2, 2023.

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