The A Valorous Hero event in Pokemon GO has introduced some new Field Research Tasks to collect and complete, and the rewards will be very helpful if you plan on battling in Raids.

As there is a great selection of Pokemon currently in Raids, including the return of Hisuian Avalugg, some more Potions and Revives from Field Research will be very handy.

Spinning a PokeStop during the A Valorous Hero event (from 10 AM local time on May 11 to 8 PM local time on May 17, 2023) could give you one of the five new limited-time Field Research Tasks. They are:

Field Research TaskReward
Battle 3 Team GO Rocket Grunts5 Revives
Battle in a Gym3 Hyper Potions
Power up a Pokemon300 Stardust
Power up Pokemon 5 times1000 Stardust
Power up Pokemon 10 Times Ponyta Encounter

In addition to getting a Ponyta from one of the new Field Research Tasks, players can currently get an exclusive costumed Ponyta from the new Special Research Story. Find out how to complete the Pokemon GO A Valorous Hero Special Research if you want this exclusive Fire-type ‘Mon!

Also, if you are very lucky, there is a chance of catching the ultra-rare shiny version of Ponyta. Instead of the standard orange flames, the shiny version has a bright blue flaming mane and tail!

Pokemon GO A Valorous Hero Event

In addition to the new Field Research, the A Valorous Hero event has also added a brand new Mega Pokemon. Find out how to beat Mega Pinsir in Pokemon GO Raids so you can get your own Mega Pinsir!

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