Pokemon GO Adventure Week is back for 2023, and this year’s edition features eight new Field Research Tasks to complete!

Completing these Field Research Tasks will reward you with encounters with Fossil Pokemon like Omastar, Kabutops, Tyrunt, and Amaura. This is to go with the Adventure Week theme of ancient and prehistoric ‘Mon.

Spinning a PokeStop during the 2023 Adventure Week event (from 10 AM local time on July 27 to 8 PM local time on August 2, 2023) in Pokemon GO could give you one of these eight new limited-time Field Research Tasks.

These are all of the Adventure Week Field Research Tasks and rewards:

Field Research TaskReward
Walk 7kmOmastarOmastar Pokemon GO
Spin 30 PokeStops or GymsKabutopsKabutops Pokemon GO
Catch 50 Rock-type PokemonCradily
Hatch 5 EggsArmaldoArmaldo Pokemon GO
Catch 15 Rock-type PokemonTyrunt or AmauraTyrunt Pokemon GOAmaura Pokemon GO
Spin 10 PokeStops or GymsTyrunt or AmauraTyrunt Pokemon GOAmaura Pokemon GO
Walk 2kmTyrunt or AmauraTyrunt Pokemon GOAmaura Pokemon GO
Hatch an EggTyrunt or AmauraTyrunt Pokemon GOAmaura Pokemon GO

If you are lucky, the Tyrunt or Amaura you encounter as rewards from these Field Research tasks can be shiny. This is the first time that the shiny versions of Tyrunt and Amaura are available in the game!

Like with all Field Research Tasks, these new ones for the Adventure Week event can be completed at any time. However, once the event ends at 8 PM local time on August 2, you will no longer be able to pick up any of these Tasks from spinning PokeStops.

Therefore, if you want plenty of rare Fossil Pokemon, we suggest you complete these Tasks as soon as possible. Following Adventure Week, there won’t be an easy way to get them!

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