The latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise, FF16, is coming out very soon, leaving many players to wonder which platforms it’s launching on.

Well, FF16 is exclusive to one platform initially, but not forever, meaning it can come to other platforms eventually.

However, it does seem like some fans may be disappointed, as there are some consoles it may never come to.

Is FF16 a Timed PS5 Exclusive?

Yes, for the first six months of Final Fantasy 16’s launch, it will be exclusively on PlayStation 5. This is unsurprising, considering Sony and Square Enix’s lengthy history of working closely.

However, Square Enix has not alluded to versions releasing immediately after the exclusivity deal lifts. This includes the PS4 which so far has not been a confirmed platform for FF16.

Clive from FF16

Is FF16 Coming to Xbox?

No, Final Fantasy 16 is not coming to Xbox. While it has not been confirmed whether this is temporary or indefinitely, for the time being, FF16 will remain exclusively on PlayStation.

According to the Japanese PlayStation Blog post for FF16, FF16 Producer Naoki Yoshida stated that the game would be a PS5 exclusive for “six months.”

While this doesn’t confirm that the game will come to Xbox, it does mean that it won’t be strictly limited to PS5 after that point.

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Furthermore, in an interview with Game Informer, Yoshida claimed that Square Enix examined offers from all platforms and decided that the one from PlayStation was the best.

Thanks to Microsoft’s current attempts to acquire Activision Blizzard, we also know that Sony has previously had a deal with Square Enix to ensure that Final Fantasy VII Remake would not end up on Xbox.

While not confirmed, it is possible that Sony has managed to get another Xbox exclusion deal with Square Enix for FF16.

Is FF16 Coming to PC?

Yes, Final Fantasy 16 is coming to PC. However, the release date for the PC port currently remains unclear.

However, Naoki Yoshida stressed that the PC port would not be coming out as soon as the PS5 exclusivity ends. In fact, he firmly stated that it would not release in 2023.

In the Japanese PlayStation Blog post about FF16, Yoshida said, “I would like to release it eventually, and I think I will, but I am not at the stage where I can say when.”

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Is FF16 Coming to Nintendo Switch?

No, there are currently no plans to bring Final Fantasy 16 to the Nintendo Switch. If it were to ever come to the platform, it is likely it would be as a Cloud Version and not a port.

Square Enix has released Cloud Versions of their games on the Switch, including the Kingdom Hearts Series. However, a new mainline Final Fantasy game has yet to make its way onto the platform.