Players looking to snap the perfect picture of Valisthea, the massive world of FF16, will need to know how Photo Mode works and how to access it.

The Photo Mode in FF16 helps players capture their favorite moments or landscapes in-game without any of the HUD elements present.

The Photo Mode in FF16, despite being well hidden, helps players capture their favorite moments or landscapes in-game without any of the HUD elements present.

Where to Find Photo Mode in Final Fantasy 16

Players need to pause the game, head to the Attributes menu, and press the Touch Pad to access the Photo Mode in FF16.

Photo Mode becomes available right at the start of the game as soon as players can pause the game and access their Attributes menu.

  1. Pause the game using the Options button.
  2. Press R2 to navigate to the Attributes menu.
    • This shows all your current stats.
  3. Press the Touch Pad to head into Photo Mode.
Photo Mode FF16

From here, players can use different camera settings to take photos as they explore the different areas of Final Fantasy 16.

How Taking Pictures in Photo Mode Works

While in the FF16 Photo Mode, players need to press the Create Button (Screenshot Button) on their PS5 Dualsense Controller to save their photo.

PS5 Create Button

But this is only the beginning. Players also have a variety of settings that they can use to direct their pictures.

FF16 Photo Mode Controls:

  • R3 – Reset all settings for Photo Mode.
  • L2 – Raise the camera.
  • R2 – Lower the camera.
  • Left Stick – Move the camera.
  • Right Stick – Rotate the view of the camera.
  • Triangle – Hide the UI completely.
  • Circle – Exit Photo Mode.

FF16 Photo Mode Camera Settings:

  • Roll – Rotates the camera.
    • Right to go counter-clockwise.
    • Left to go clockwise.
Photo Mode Roll
How Roll -7 looks in Photo Mode.
  • Field of View – Adjusts how much of the background around Clive is shown.
    • The higher the Field of View, the more background Clive will have in the photo.
Field of View FF16
How the highest Field of View looks in Photo Mode.
  • Clive – Trigger to show Clive in the photo. Turn off to remove Clive from the photo.
Clive Trigger FF16
Left: Clive On, Right: Clive Off

FF16 Photo Mode Depth of Field Settings:

  • Depth of Field – Trigger to turn on Depth of Field and blur the background around Clive.
  • Focal Distance – Change what the lens will focus on for the photo. The smaller the distance, the closer the focal point will be.
Focal Distance FF16
A higher Focal Distance will blur out Clive and anything close to the lens.
  • Blur – Choose how powerful the blur of the Depth of Field is.
Depth of Field Blur
Left: Highest Blur, Right: Lowest Blur

How to Zoom In/Out in Photo Mode for FF16

There is no direct zoom option in the FF16 Photo Mode, but players can adjust the distance a bit by using the Field of View Camera Setting.

This will allow players to make to get more of the surroundings into their picture and move away from Clive a bit.