If you’re finding combat overwhelming in FF16, then you may want to consider using the parry function.

Parrying not only deflects your enemy’s attacks, but it also staggers and deals damage to them. It’s incredibly effective, especially when used against stronger foes.

However, successfully executing a parry is difficult in Final Fantasy 16, and while you don’t need Dark Souls level of precision to pull it off, you will need to perfect your timings.

How to Parry FF16

Players parry in Final Fantasy 16 by pressing Square as the enemy attacks them. Essentially, you must attack your opponent at the same time their attack lands on you.

If you successfully parry your opponent, you will temporarily slow down time and stagger them, leaving them vulnerable for a few seconds.

You will know you’ve parried as the word “Parry” will appear to the right of your character in green.

the tutorial on how to Parry in FF16

Parrying is extremely tricky to pull off as it requires intensely precise timing. If you don’t time it perfectly, you will still damage your enemy, but you will receive damage as well.

There are no timely accessories to assist with parrying. However, it’s worth noting that if you have the Ring of Timely Evasion equipped, you will automatically evade practically every attack, which prevents you from parrying altogether.

You can parry almost any attack in Final Fantasy 16. This includes all physical, close-up attacks, and even boss attacks.

However, there are some attacks that cannot be parried in FF16. You cannot parry ranged attacks or area-of-effect attacks, and attempting to do so will result in you taking damage.

The only way to avoid ranged and AOE attacks is by evading them by pressing R1 just before the attack hits. Alternatively, you can equip the Ring of Timely Evasion or Ring of Timely Focus to help make evading easier.

The player parrying in FF16