Final Fantasy 16’s New Game Plus mode will keep your FF16 adventure feeling fresh, even the second time around!

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as getting to the end of a great game and discovering that it doesn’t have a New Game Plus mode.

These special modes are the best way to experience a second playthrough of your favorite gaming experiences – as they often offer new ways to play without causing you to lose all your hard-earned abilities.

But does FF16 have a robust New Game Plus mode for completionists to enjoy?

FF16 New Game Plus

Does Final Fantasy 16 Have New Game Plus?

Yes, FF16 does have a New Game Plus mode which is available after completing the title’s storyline.

In addition, when beginning a New Game Plus, players will have a third option to pick from alongside Action Focussed and Story Focussed mode, named ‘Final Fantasy Mode.’

Although New Game Plus is available in any of the three modes, Final Fantasy Mode increases the difficulty level significantly, and even changes the enemies that players encounter in-game!

What Is Final Fantasy Mode in FF16?

Final Fantasy Mode is a FF16 New Game Plus mode that offers an additional challenge for players that have completed the game already.

In Final Fantasy Mode, not only will combat encounters be more challenging, but they may change position, enemy type, or quantity throughout the game.

Late game enemies can appear much earlier in the story, and boss fights may switch to even harder enemies – or add additional opponents for Clive to battle against.

Final Fantasy 16 New Game Plus Final Fantasy Mode
(Source: IGN)

To help players keep up, the level cap in Final Fantasy Mode rises to 100 and the legendary Ultima Weapon becomes available to craft.

Everything New in FF16 New Game Plus – Final Fantasy Mode

  • Clive’s Level, Gear, Eikons, and Abilities Carry Over
  • Weapons Can Be Upgraded to Six Degrees Instead of 3
    • Upgrading 6 Times Will Change the Weapon into its Maximum Potential State, With a New Name
  • Duplicate Accessories Can be Synthesized, Doubling Their Effects
  • FF16 Opening (Clive’s Childhood Section) Can Be Skipped
  • Different, Harder Enemies Appear in Certain Locations (Final Fantasy Mode)
  • Level Cap Increases to 100 (Final Fantasy Mode)
  • Ultima Weapon is Available for Crafting (Final Fantasy Mode)

Arcade Mode

In addition to these New Game Plus offerings, players can also take on FF16’s Arcade Mode, which allows them to re-live key moments of Final Fantasy 16 in order to earn a high score.

In Arcade Mode, players can earn additional score by using abilities and defeating enemies. At the end of each stage, players will be able to view their performance as a grade, and compare themselves to others via the in-game leaderboard.

According to FF16 Director Hiroshi Takai, a higher difficulty level known as Ultimaniac is available in Arcade Mode that even the Director himself isn’t sure he could handle.