There are 50 trophies to unlock for FF16, ranging from easy tasks like patting Torgal to challenging ones like beating the game twice!

For the most part, you can get all of these trophies with ease if you know what to do, especially as a lot of them are tied to story progress.

However, some players may understandably be worried that they could miss a trophy, forcing them to restart the entire game in order to finally unlock it.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need about potentially missable trophies in Final Fantasy 16 below.

Can You Miss Any Trophies in FF16?

Yes, there is one missable trophy in FF16 called Half Past Twilight. The trophy requires players to craft Gotterdammerung, the most powerful sword in the game, with rare materials.

The materials needed are Ragnarok, three Orichalcum, two Darksteel, and one Primitive Battlehorn.

These materials are only available through side quests and notorious marks. So, if you were to sell them, the trophy would become unobtainable as you wouldn’t be able to find them again.

The crafting menu to make Gotterdammerung in FF16
Credit – FoggyProductions

However, because the Platinum trophy requires players to beat the game twice, once normally and once in New Game+, if you accidentally sell the necessary materials, you can always get them in your second run.

This is likely good news to Final Fantasy fans, who are perhaps a tad used to missable trophies in their sprawling JRPGS.

Outside the Half Past Twilight trophy, there are no other missable trophies. All the other trophies require you to complete a certain side quest, main story mission, or do an action several times.

So, as long as you look up a trophy guide or check out the trophy list on your PlayStation 5, you’ll know exactly how to get each one.

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