If you just can’t wait to pick up your copy of the new Final Fantasy, here’s everything you need to know about the midnight release of FF16!

Midnight launches are a staple of the gaming industry. Almost every longtime gamer has a fond memory or two of picking up a new release at 12 AM and celebrating the launch alongside like-minded fans.

However, with midnight launches toning down in recent history, will it be possible to get your hands on Final Fantasy 16 the moment it hits release day?

Does FF16 Release at Midnight?

Yes, Final Fantasy 16 will release at exactly midnight local time, according to the countdown that players can see after purchasing the title via the PlayStation Store.

Users will be able to play the moment the clock strikes 12, and Wednesday, June 21 becomes Thursday, June 22.

Don’t forget to pre-load Final Fantasy 16 early so you’re ready to play the moment it goes live.

However, if you’re looking for a physical copy of FF16, you’ll want to rely on in-person midnight launches instead.

Clive from Final Fantasy 16 with Ifrit and the Phoenix behind him

Is Final Fantasy 16 Getting a GameStop Midnight Release?

No, it does not appear that FF16 will be getting a midnight launch in most GameStop retailers.

It’s possible that Final Fantasy 16 could be releasing at midnight at select GameStops but we suggest calling your local retailer before turning up late at night.

You can use this GameStop Store Finder to locate and contact your nearest retailer.

When GameStop does midnight launches, not all stores tend to take part. If an area has a large number of pre-orders placed for an upcoming title, a store is far more likely to open late to allow users to pick up their game.

Right now, we haven’t seen any Final Fantasy fans suggest that their GameStop will be allowing them to collect their copy of FF16 at midnight. But we have seen several fans complaining that their local store told them that a midnight launch isn’t going to happen.

Clearly, FF16 is unable to attract the same attention that titles like Hogwarts Legacy and Tears of the Kingdom did.