If you’re looking to make the most out of your FF16 experience and reach the level cap, you will need to be prepared to grind a little.

That’s because there are technically two different level caps in Final Fantasy 16. Below we outline both level caps and the best way to reach them.

What Is Clive’s Max Level in FF16?

The level cap for your first playthrough of FF16 is level 50. The level cap then increases for the New Game + mode to level 100, but only on the Final Fantasy difficulty mode.

This means that if you want to get Clive to level 100, you will have to play through the entire game twice, as it is impossible to go beyond level 50 in the base game.

Clive begins Final Fantasy 16 at level 10, meaning players will only need to level up 40 times in order to reach the level cap.

The level up notification in FF16

The Fastest Way to Reach Max Level in FF16

The easiest way to reach the level cap in FF16 is to equip the Scholar’s Spectacles and On Fortune and the Heavens accessories, as they boost the amount of EXP you earn by 25% when combined.

Here is what each accessory does:

  • Scholar’s Spectacles – Increases the amount of EXP you earn by 10%.
  • On Fortune and the Heavens – Increases the amount of EXP you earn by 15%
The On Fortune and Heavens and Scholar's Spectacles Accessories in FF16

You will not reach the cap level by just doing the main story missions. To reach the max level in FF16, you will need to complete most of the side content and defeat as many Notorious Marks as possible.

It’s worth noting that the Scholar’s Spectacles is a pre-order bonus exclusive and is therefore unobtainable in-game if you did not pre-order FF16.

Additionally, the On Fortune and the Heavens accessory can only be purchased from Charon for 5,500 Gil after beating the main quest, Cid the Outlaw.