Key Points
Completion Time:
10 Minutes
2200 EXP, 75 Ability Points, 9800 Gold, 20 Renown, Scarletite Material, Meteorite Material
Must Haves:
Complete Cloak and Dagger Main Story Quest

The Man in Black Hunt, also known as the Holy Trumpitour Notorious Mark, is a surprisingly challenging boss to find and defeat in FF16, despite being Rank B.

This canon-wielding mini-boss will take a lot of evasive maneuvers and powerful Eikon abilities to defeat. However, despite being a tough fight, it’s not impossible, especially with the right tips and equipment.

To give you that extra helping hand, we’ve listed absolutely everything there is to know about The Man in Black below, including where to find him, how to defeat him, and all the rewards you get for doing so.

The Holy Trumpitour Rank screen in FF16

FF16 The Man in Black Hunt Location

The Holy Trumpitour, also known as The Man in Black Hunt, can be located south of the Lostwing Obelisk through the Cellar Passage in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque world map area.

You can see the exact location of The Man in Black Hunt below:

The location of the Holy Trumpitour on the map FF16

Here is how to find the Holy Trumpitour in FF16:

  • Fast travel to the Lostwing Obelisk via the World Map.
Lostwing on the FF16 World Map
  • Head east along the passageway and go underneath the bridge.
  • Then, head through the door and enter the underground area of the town.
  • Continue through the cellar passage until you reach the outdoor area. The boss is waiting at the end.
    • It is where you fought the boss Chirada near the beginning of the game.
the route to the Holy Trumpitour in FF16
Credit – PhillyBeatzGames

You need to have completed the Cloak and Dagger main quest in order for The Man in Black Hunt to appear on the Hunt Board and for the Holy Trumpitour to spawn.

If you head to the Lostwing area before completing this mission, the Holy Trumpitour will not be there.

How to Beat the Holy Trumpitour FF16

To beat the Holy Trumpitour use Titan Block to avoid any fire damage from its cannon, and always follow up right after an attack to take advantage of his cooldowns.

This enemy is a much more powerful version of the cannoneer-type enemy you first faced in the mines beneath Drake’s Head.

It’s an incredibly slow but heavy-hitting enemy that can deal significant damage if you don’t evade it in time.

Below are all the tips and tricks you’ll need to defeat the Holy Trumpitour in FF16:

  • The Holy Trumpitour has an attack called Recoil, where he will aim his canon backward and fire it, launching him into the air, after which he slams back into the ground, dealing AOE damage.
  • This attack is best avoided by evading out of range. He will do this three times, so make sure to dodge it every time.
The Holy Trumpitour charging up his Recoil attack
This is what the beginning of the Holy Trumpitour’s Recoil attack looks like.
Credit – SecretBunnyNinja
  • Much like Recoil, Fragmentation is another of the Holy Trumpitour’s AOE attacks. This time he shoots his canon into the ground, causing massive rocks to burst through the ground and deal damage.
  • Fiery lines easily identify the spots where the rocks come out from, so make sure to evade those. This attack also comes with a brief recovery period where he is vulnerable, so make the most of it and attack while he’s in this state.
The Holy Trumpitour using his Fragmentation attack
Avoid these glowing red spots on the ground as they explode.
Credit – SecretBunnyNinja
  • The Holy Trumpitour has several evasive and offensive attacks, including one where he fires a massive blast from his canon and propels himself backward. Make sure to either move out of the way as he prepares this attack or use your Titanic Block to defend against it.
  • He will swing his canon at you and shoot fireballs whenever you get too close. The swing attack requires you to dodge a little later than you’re used to, as it is incredibly slow.
The Holy Trumpitour charging up his evasive attack
The Holy Trumpitour charging up his evasive attack.
Credit – PhillyBeatzGames
  • Finally, the Holy Trumpitour uses a short-range flamethrower attack which lasts about 7-8 seconds. He will pursue you while using it, potentially causing continuous damage if you fail to move out of the way.
  • You can keep evading backward until it runs out, close the gap, and use a powerful Eikonic ability such as Flames of Rebirth. Alternatively, you can use Titanic Block to defend against it, evade behind him, and attack.
The Holy Trumpitour charging up his flamethrower attack
The start of the Holy Trumpitour’s flamethrower attack. When you see this, begin dodging backward.
Credit – SecretBunnyNinja

All The Man in Black Rewards

You get the following rewards for defeating the Holy Trumpitour and completing The Man in Black Hunt in FF16:

  • 2200 EXP
  • 75 Ability Points
  • 9800 Gold
  • 20 Renown
  • Scarletite Material
  • Meteorite Material
The rewards screen after defeating the Holy Trumpitour in FF16
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