If you’re looking for the A Hill to Die On Hunt location, also known as the giant turtle-like monster, Fastitocalon, in FF16, don’t worry. You’re not alone!

This challenging Notorious Mark can be found on the Hunt board under the B-rank Hunt called A Hill to Die On. While it gives a vague area where to look, it doesn’t tell you the exact location.

Fortunately, below, you’ll find its location as well as a complete guide on how to defeat it and what rewards you will get.

The Fastitocalon Hunt Screen with its Rank

FF16 A Hill to Die On Hunt Location

The Fastitocalon, known as the A Hill to Die On Hunt, can be found to the northeast of the Velkroy Desert in Dhalmekia.

Here’s how to find the Fastitocalon in FF16:

  • Fast Travel to the Velkroy Desert Obelisk via the World Map.
The Velkroy Desert world map location in FF16
  • Head east along the desert until you reach an opening heading north.
  • Go north past The Bandit’s Bed landmark until you reach the large turtle-like creature, Fastitocalon.

You can see a full route to the A Hill to Die On Hunt below:

The route to the Fastitocalon in FF16

You will need to start the Riddle of the Sands main mission in order for the A Hill to Die On Hunt to appear on the Hunt Board and for the Fastitocalon to spawn in the world.

If you try and go to this location before starting the Riddle of the Sands main mission, it will not appear.

How to Defeat the Fastitocalon

The best way to defeat the Fastitocalon is to avoid its obviously telegraphed attacks and hit it with a magic burst combo and your Eikon abilities during its brief recovery phases.

Below are all the tips and tricks you’ll need to defeat the Fastitocalon in FF16:

  • The Fastitocalon uses a slow-firing projectile move called Water Canon. You’ll know it’s charging up this attack when a cloud of mist appears around it.
  • Evade the Water Canon attack and then use Phoenix Shift to close the gap and deal significant damage while it prepares its next attack.
The Fastitocalon using the Water Canon attack in FF16
  • The Fastitocalon will bury itself inside its shell before spinning rapidly and moving toward you. If this attack hits you, you’ll take a lot of continuous damage.
  • Fortunately, this is a very slow attack that is obviously telegraphed. When you see it go inside of its shell, get ready to dodge out of the way and then attack it during its five-second recovery.
The Fastitocalon using its spin attack in FF16
  • Once you’ve got the Fastitocalon to about half health, it will start using the move Testudo Trompe. This move sees it fly into the air, and small explosive clouds of dust surrounded by blue light appear on the ground.
  • Evade the blue, glowing lights on the ground as these deal explosive AOE damage. Additionally, don’t go underneath the Fastitocalon and hold back until it returns to the ground.
The Fastitocalon using the Testudo Trompe attack in FF16
Don’t stand in the areas with the glowing blue lights.
  • If you get too close to the Fastitocalon, it will attack you with one of two moves. The first sees it stand on its hind legs before dropping to the ground, hitting anything directly beneath it.
  • The second sees it swipe at you with its head. Both of these attacks are very obviously telegraphed and are easy to evade.
The Fastitocalon using its hind legs attack in FF16

All A Hill to Die On Rewards

You will get the following rewards for defeating the Fastitocalon and completing the A Hill to Die On Hunt in FF16:

  • 1265 EXP
  • 65 Ability Points
  • 10000 Gold
  • 20 Renown
  • Scarletite material
The rewards screen for defeating the Fastitocalon in FF16