FF16 is already turning heads thanks to its incredible dynamic Eikon Battles, but how many summons does Final Fantasy 16 have to offer?

Longtime fans of Final Fantasy will recognize Eikons as a key combat element present throughout the franchise.

In the past, Eikons have been called in to use powerful finishing moves or summoned to fight alongside our heroes in combat encounters.

Now, FF16 is stepping up the game, allowing players to control the powerful summons personally and even engage in Eikon-on-Eikon combat.

What Are Eikons in FF16?

Eikons, also known as Primals or Eidolons, are magical phantom spirits in the Final Fantasy universe that are often referred to as Gods.

These Eikons are worshipped by the Eorzean beast races and resemble the summoned monsters first introduced in Final Fantasy 3.

In FF16, Eikons can be controlled by Dominants, their human hosts who have the power to take the form of their inherited Eikon to do battle.

Clive and Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16

How Many Eikons Are in Final Fantasy 16?

There are ten Eikons in FF16, eight of which are summonable by the player, and two are locked exclusively to the story.

Additionally, there is one Eikon that is mentioned but does not appear in the game.

The Eikons in FF16 are:

  • Phoenix
  • Ifrit
  • Garuda
  • Ramuh
  • Typhon
  • Titan
  • Titan Lost
  • Bahamut
  • Shiva
  • Odin
  • Leviathan the Lost

Here’s a breakdown of every Eikon and everything we know about them:


  • Dominant: Joshua Rosfield

Phoenix is the Eikon of Fire, and the first one players are introduced to in FF16. It dies under mysterious circumstances at the beginning of the game, setting Clive on a quest for vengeance.

Although it was anticipated that Clive would inherit Phoenix, the Eikon actually is inherited by his younger brother, Joshua.

Here are all of Phoenix’s Eikon abilities:

  • Phoenix Shift (Core Ability)
  • Rising Flames
  • Scarlet Cyclone
  • Heatwave
  • Flames of Rebirth (Super Ability)
Phoenix FF16 Eikon


  • Dominant: Clive Rosfield

Ifrit is, at first glance, the second Eikon of Fire, alongside Phoenix. In Valisthea, the world of FF16, it is thought to be impossible for there to be two Eikons of the same element.

There is far more to Ifrit than meets the eye, but we won’t spoil that for you.

Ifrit’s Dominant is Clive Rosfield, the protagonist of FF16 and the intended Dominant of the Phoenix Eikon before he was rejected in favor of his brother, Joshua.

Here are all of Ifrit’s Eikon abilities:

  • Will-o’-the-Wykes
  • Ignition
  • Limit Break
Ifrit FF16 Eikon


  • Dominant: Benedikta Harman

Garuda, Warden of the Wind, appears as a winged harpy-like Eikon. She is the first Eikon that Clive battles in FF16 and proves to be a formidable foe.

Her dominant is Benedikta Harman, the commander of Waloed’s elite intelligencers and previous ally of Cidolfous.

Here are all of Garuda’s Eikon abilities:

  • Deadly Embrace (Core Ability)
  • Gouge
  • Wicked Wheel
  • Rook’s Gambit
  • Aerial Blast (Super Ability)
The Garuda Eikon in FF16


  • Dominant: Cidolfus Telamon

Ramuh is the Eikon of Thunder who appears in Final Fantasy 16 with a long white beard and the power to wield purple lightning to smite his enemies.

The Eikon’s Dominant is Cidolfus ‘Cid’ Telamon, a soldier-turned-outlaw who was formally a member of the Royal Waloeder Army.

Here are all of Ramuh’s Eikon abilities:

  • Blind Justice (Core Ability)
  • Pile Drive
  • Thunderstorm
  • Lightning Rod
  • Judgement Bolt (Super Ability)
Ramuh FF16 Eikon


  • Dominant: Ultima

Typhon is depicted as a humanoid torso, which floats above the ground in lieu of having legs. This is a new appearance for the monster in the Final Fantasy universe.

While much about Typhon is left a mystery in FF16, it’s intended purpose is to test Clive to see if he has reached his potential as the Dominant of Ifrit.

This is one of the Eikons that players do not inherit any powers from.

Typhon FF16 Eikon


  • Dominant: Hugo Kupka

The Lord of Crags, Titan, is the Eikon of Earth and easily one of the biggest Eikons in Final Fantasy 16. It has two forms, Titan and Titan Lost.

The Dominant of Titan is Hugo Kupka, the Dhalmekian Republic’s economic advisor, Hugo Kupka. His strong romantic bond with Benedikta is what ultimately turns him against Clive.

Here are all of Titan’s Eikon abilities:

  • Titanic Block (Core Ability)
  • Windup
  • Upheaval
  • Raging Fists
  • Earthen Fury (Super Ability)
Titan FF16 Eikon

Titan Lost

  • Dominant: Hugo Kupka

Titan Lost is the second form of the Titan Eikon and comes about when Hugo infuses himself with Aether. It transforms him into an enormous, hulking beast with long tentacle-like spears branching from its body.

The Titan Lost appears only for a single boss fight in FF16 before being swiftly defeated by Clive.

You do not inherit any powers from the Titan Lost.

Titan Lost FF16 Eikon


  • Dominant: Dion Lesage

Bahamut, the Deadwyrm, is an elder dragon capable of dealing huge damage at long range via blue flame attacks.

The Crown Prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, Dion Lesage, is Bahumut’s Dominant in Final Fantasy 16.

Here are all of Bahamut’s Eikon abilities:

  • Wings of Light (Core Ability)
  • Impulse
  • Flare Breath
  • Satellite
  • Gigaflare (Super Ability)
FF16 Bahamut Eikon


  • Dominant: Jill Warrick

The Lady of Frost, Shiva, is the Eikon of Ice. This primal resembles a royal woman with pale skin, capable of launching powerful ice attacks.

Shiva’s Dominant, Jill Warrick, was taken from her homeland at a young age and raised in the Rosfield household alongside Clive and Joshua.

Here are all of Shiva’s Eikon abilities:

  • Cold Snap (Core Ability)
  • Ice Age
  • Mesmerize
  • Rime
  • Diamond Dust (Super Ability)
Shiva FF16 Eikon


  • Dominant: Barnabas Tharmr

The Dark Divinity, Odin, is a powerful elder Primal depicted as a dark figure on horseback. It is the Eikon of Air in Final Fantasy 16.

Odin’s Dominant is Barnabus Tharmr, a man whose skill with a blade helped him earn the title: King of Waloed.

Here are all of Odin’s Eikon abilities:

  • Arm of Darkness (Core Ability)
  • Gungnir
  • Heaven’s Cloud
  • Rift Slip
  • Dancing Steel (Super Ability)
The Odin Eikon in FF16

Leviathan the Lost

  • Dominant: Unknown

Leviathan the Lost is the Eikon of Water. During the events of FF16, it has mysteriously disappeared and, unfortunately, does not appear at all.

However, it is mentioned during a brief cutscene in which Joshua discovered a mural depicting all of the Eikons, referring to it as Leviathan the Lost.

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