Now that FF16 has been out for quite some time, fans are wrapping up its main story and wondering if DLC is on the horizon.

After all, while the main story of Final Fantasy 16 does have a mostly concrete conclusion, it opens up a lot of questions and potential for rampant speculation.

Below, we explain what Square Enix’s plans for FF16 DLC are and what aspect of the game’s world and story potential future DLC could focus on.

What Are FF16’s DLC Plans?

There are currently no plans for any Final Fantasy 16 DLC. FF16 was planned as a standalone game that players could enjoy without needing additional content or knowledge.

The lack of DLC plans has been confirmed by FF16’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, also known as Yoshi-P to fans. In an interview with Game Informer, he stated that they wanted FF16 to be a “one-off” experience.

“It’s a one-off game. We’re asking players to pay the full price for this experience, and so we want an experience that’s going to equal the amount of money that players are going to be paying and we want them to have satisfaction equal to what they paid or even more than that.”

The Eikon mural in FF16
The Eikon mural in FF16 including Leviathan the Lost on the right, who many speculate will be featured in a potential DLC.

This is in direct contrast to Final Fantasy 15, a game that was hard to understand without playing through its various DLCs, watching the movie and webshow, and even reading a book.

However, it would appear that DLC isn’t strictly out of the question. In that same interview, Yoshida states that they want to see if the game’s protagonist, Clive, and the world of FF16 resonate with players.

Considering that Final Fantasy 16 has sold 3 million copies and counting since its launch on June 22 and has a user score of 8.3 on Metacritic, it stands to reason that it has indeed resonated with fans.

So, while there aren’t any immediate plans for DLC, FF16’s financial and critical success and positive fan reception could see more content arrive in the future.

Potential FF16 DLC Theories

The biggest FF16 DLC theory surrounds the eighth Eikon, Leviathan the Lost, who mysteriously does not appear in the main game.

Many fans have predicted that this Eikon is being saved for DLC and that perhaps its last Dominant never died, thus a new one could not awaken with its powers.

Perhaps the best fan theory is that the kindly medicine girl who pops up frequently but has little impact on the core narrative is actually Leviathan the Lost’s Dominant.

The introduction of the Leviathan Eikon in FF16 would grant Clive new water-based abilities, as well as a dynamic new story about a potentially centuries-old Eikon/Dominant.

The DLC could also act as a more satisfying conclusion, bringing back fan-favorite characters or more resolutely ending certain storylines that some fans have found a little disappointing.

The Leviathan has appeared in numerous Final Fantasy games, starting all the way back with Final Fantasy 2. It would certainly be odd for the legendary Summon to be mentioned in passing, but never actually appear.