A brand-new mainline Final Fantasy title is almost here – here’s a countdown of how long you’ve got left to wait for FF16.

It’s been 7 years since the launch of Final Fantasy 15 and finally, we’re about to get our hands on a new mainline series entry.

In case you missed it, the FF16 Demo is available right now, giving all players access to the first couple of hours of the game.

Progress carries over to the full release, so you can get started on your official FF16 adventure immediately! As for when Final Fantasy 16 will officially launch, we’ve got a countdown to release day below:

How Many Days Until FF16?

There are until Final Fantasy 16 is officially available in the US.

FF16 will release on Thursday, June 22, 2023, exclusively for PS5.

Clive looking sad while surrounded by flames in FF16

It appears that, despite the FF16 Demo having a simultaneous global release time, the full game will launch at midnight local time.

If Square Enix officially confirms Final Fantasy 16's release time, we'll update this article.

Is There FF16 Early Access?

No, there is no early access for FF16, however the demo version does let players experience the first two hours of the game right now.

You can start your Final Fantasy 16 adventure immediately, and even replay it as much as you’d like.

But in order to experience the rest of the game, all players will need to wait until June 22, with no exceptions.