Players must locate and defeat the Bomb King as part of the Weird Science side quest in FF16. It’s a challenging ordeal but not an impossible one.

This Notorious Mark will require you to bring the best gear you can craft and as many High Potions or Elixirs as you can afford.

Below we’ve detailed precisely where to find the Bomb King, how to defeat it, and the bountiful rewards you can expect to receive.

FF16 Bomb King Hunt Location

The Bomb King Notorious Mark can be located in The Crock landmark found to the east of The Dragon’s Aery world map location.

Here is how to find the Bomb King in FF16:

  • Fast travel to The Dragon’s Aery via the World Map.
  • Head southeast along the eastern part of the map until you reach a broken open gate.
The location of the entrance to the Bomb King ruins in FF16
  • Go through the gate and down the path until you see a house ahead.
  • Turn left through the trees and head into the ruins.
The correct route through the forest to the Bomb King in FF16
  • You will find the Bomb King inside the ruins.

If you head to these ruins before you unlock the Weird Science quest, the Bomb King will not appear. It is exclusive to that quest.

You can see the full route to the Bomb King in the map image below:

The location of the Bomb King in FF16

How to Defeat the Bomb King

The Bomb King is a more powerful version of the Bomb enemy type. You will want to equip the Phoenix Eikon ability Heatwave, as well as stock up on High Potions if you can.

Below are all the tips and tricks you’ll need to defeat the Bomb King:

  • Use the Heatwave ability to absorb the Bomb King’s move, Coronation (where it charges up before launching a fireball), and fire back additional shockwaves.
  • Alternatively, as the Coronation projectile is so slow, you can easily evade it. Just be careful, as it will briefly burn the area it lands on.
The Bomb King using its Coronation attack in FF16
  • The Bomb King can summon up to four additional Bombs using its move King’s Justice. They will attack you before imploding, killing themselves and dealing damage to whatever is in their radius.
  • Either evade them until they explode or wipe them out with an AOE attack such as Scarlet Cyclone, Flames of Rebirth, Aerial Blast, Upheaval, or Earthan Fury.
The Bomb King surrounded by Bomb enemies in FF16
  • Additionally, just before using King’s Justice, the Bomb King will use Witan. It will rise into the air and expand before crashing down and damaging the surrounding area.
  • Avoid the Bomb King’s Witan move by running out of the area of effect marked by the fiery circle surrounding it.
The Bomb King using its Witan attack in FF16
  • Finally, the Bomb King can shoot small blue projectiles that surround it, a small fire blast, and do a flaming charge attack. Make sure to evade all of these attacks.
The Bomb King's blue projectile attacks and rush attack

All Bomb King Rewards

You will get the following rewards for defeating the Bomb King in FF16:

  • 1000 XP
  • 65 Skill Points
  • 9000 Gold
  • 20 Renown
  • Bomb Ember material
The rewards you get for beating the Bomb King in FF16

Additionally, because beating the Bomb King is only possible through the Weird Science side quest, you will also receive the rewards from that quest once you fully complete it.

The rewards you get from that are:

  • 900 XP
  • 40 Renown
  • Treated Potion Satchel
  • Black Blood material

The Treated Potion Satchel increases your potion capacity by 1. This means you’ll be able to carry one extra High Potion, Potion, Strength Tonic, and Stoneskin Tonic.

The rewards you get for completing the side quest Weird Science in FF16

How to Complete Weird Science Side Quest in FF16

The Weird Science side quest becomes available once you’ve completed the sub-quest Letting Off Steam III as part of the main quest, Out of the Shadows.

To start the Weird Science quest, you must talk to Owain, the Engineer in Mid’s Dungeon in the Hideaway. Here is how you complete it:

  • Locate Owain in Mid’s Dungeon in the Hideaway.
  • Talk to Owain to start the Weird Science Quest.
The location of Owain in FF16
  • Go to the Hunt Board near Otto and talk to Nektar.
  • Select “Ask about bomb sightings” or click “View the Hunt Board.”
  • Look at the Bomb King listing to get its location.
The Hunt Board in FF16 with the King Bomb location on it
  • Fast Travel to The Dragon’s Aery.
  • Head to The Crock to the southeast.
  • Defeat the Bomb King.
The Bomb King in FF16
  • Collect the 3 Bomb Ash.
  • Return to the Hideaway and speak to Owain.
Clive collecting Bomb Ash and then handing it to Owain in FF16
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