If you’re hoping to get the best sword in FF16, you’ll unsurprisingly have to put in some work. However, it’s definitely worth it, as the strongest sword in the game can easily wipe out hordes of enemies.

There are two swords that are considered the best in FF16, with the first being exclusive to the New Game + mode and the second more readily available in your first playthrough.

Below we outline everything there is to know about both weapons, their crafting recipes, and where to find the necessary materials to craft them.

The Best Sword in FF16 – Ultima Weapon

The best sword in Final Fantasy 16 is the Ultima Weapon, which is only available through the New Game + mode.

It has 700 attack and 700 stagger, making it significantly stronger than the second most powerful sword, Gotterdammerung, which only has 375 attack and 375 stagger.

To craft the Ultima Weapon in FF16, you will need the following materials:

  • Utterance of Creation x1 – Automatically obtained when you start the New Game + mode.
  • Everdark Reforged x 1 – Crafted with Flawless Dark Shard x1 (received from beating Barnabas), Icebrand Reforged x1, Flawless Meteorite x8, and Sharp Fangs x800.
  • Gotterdammerung Reforged x1 – Crafted with Ragnarok Reforged x1, Orichalcum x3, Flawless Darksteel x2, Flawless Battlehorn x1.
the crafting recipe for Ultima Weapon in FF16

You will still need to complete the entire Blacksmith’s Blues side quest chain in order to be able to craft Gotterdammerung Reforged.

Additionally, you must play on the hardest difficulty, as playing on Story-Focused or Action-Focused difficulty modes in New Game + does not give you the Utterance of Creation material.

However, if you don’t want to play through FF16 in New Game +, don’t worry. You can still craft the second-best sword in the game in your first playthrough, and we’ve detailed how below.

Clive holding the Ultima Weapon in FF16
Credit – PowerPyx

The Second Best Sword in FF16 – Gotterdammerung

The second-best sword in Final Fantasy 16 is Gotterdammerung, which can only be obtained by completing all four of the Blacksmith’s Blues side quests for Blackthorne in the Hideaway.

The Gotterdammerung sword has 375 attack and 375 stagger, making it the most powerful sword outside the New Game + mode.

To craft Gotterdammerung, you will need to gather the following materials:

  • Ragnarok x1 – Obtained automatically after completing the side quest Blacksmith’s Blues IV.
  • Orichalcum x3 – Obtained through beating main story bosses or Notorious Marks.
  • Darksteel x2 – Obtained through beating Notorious Marks.
  • Primitive Battlehorn x1 – Obtained through beating Notorious Marks.
the crafting recipe for Gotterdammerung in FF16
Credit – PhillyBeatzGames

The best Notorious Marks to hunt down via the Hunt Board to get Orichalcum are Atlas, Svarog, and Gorgimera. They are all S-tier enemies, with Atlas and Gorgimera being level 45 and Savrog level 50.

To get Darksteel, you will want to hunt the Notorious Marks Thanatos and Prince of Death. Both enemies are A-tier, with Thanatos being level 42 and the Prince of Death level 40.

Finally, to get the Primitive Battlehorn, you must hunt down the Notorious Mark Gobermouch. It is an A-tier enemy and will be level 38.

To unlock the Blacksmith’s Blues side quests, you must first reach these prerequisites:

  • Blacksmith’s Blues I – Start the Here Be Monsters main quest.
  • Blacksmith’s Blues II – Complete Blacksmith’s Blues I and complete the main mission Letting Off Steam III.
  • Blacksmith’s Blues III – Complete Blacksmith’s Blues II and beat the main mission Like Father, Like Daughter.
  • Blacksmith’s Blues IV – Complete Blacksmith’s Blues III and start the main mission Across the Narrow.
Clive holding Gotterdammerung in FF16
Credit – PhillyBeatzGames
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