If you’re looking to complete your Loyal Three roster, here’s where to catch Fezandipiti and everything you should know before doing so.

The ‘Heroes of Kitakami’ aren’t available until The Teal Mask’s endgame, and the game never tells you that they’re up for grabs.

Thankfully, there is a way to catch Fezandipiti in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, for those that know where to find it.

Where to Catch Fezandipiti Location in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Fezandipiti can be caught on the eastern side of Oni Mountain, at the bottom of Chilling Waterhead cave.

This is the same location that you initially battle it as part of The Teal Mask’s story, just west of Fellhorn Gorge.

Where to Catch Fezandipiti Location Pokemon Scarlet Violet

However, Fezandipiti cannot be caught the first time you battle it, and is only obtainable in the DLC’s post-game.

The Pokemon appears back on Oni Mountain in the overworld, as soon as you’ve completed The Teal Mask’s story and seen ‘To Be Continued…’

There’s no need to enter Chilling Waterhead cave to catch Fezandipiti. If you’ve unlocked all the upgrades for Koraidon/Miraidon, you can simply use it to climb up the mountain’s side.

Fezandipiti Location in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Then, simply walk up to Fezandipiti and interact with it to battle it. We recommend bringing a Pokemon that can inflict status effects such as Sleep or Paralysis, as Fezandipiti’s catch rate is very low.

Does Fezandipiti Respawn in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Yes, like all legendaries in Scarlet and Violet, Fezandipiti will respawn after some time if you accidentally knock it out.

To speed up the process, try waiting 10 minutes and restarting the game to cause the Pokemon to reappear.

However, we recommend saving before battling the legendary Pokemon, so you can simply close out of the game if you knock it out.

Fezandipiti Pokedex entry

Fezandipiti Weaknesses in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Fezandipiti is a Poison/Fairy-Type, therefore it is weak to Ground, Steel, and Psychic-Type moves.

However, the legendary Pokemon is resistant to Grass, Dark, and Fairy, as well as double resistant to Bug and Fighting attacks.

In addition, Fezandipiti is completely immune to Dragon-Type attacks.

Fezandipiti Moves & Stats

Level: 70
Type: Poison / Fairy
Tera Type: Poison

Ability: Toxic Chain
The power of the Pokemon’s toxic chain may badly poison any target the Pokemon hits with a move.


  • Beat Up – Dark
  • Swagger – Normal
  • Flatter – Dark
  • Roost – Flying

Base Stats:

  • HP: 88
  • Attack: 91
  • Defense: 82
  • Sp. Attack: 70
  • Sp. Defense: 125
  • Speed: 99

Can Fezandipiti Be Shiny in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

No, Fezandipiti is shiny-locked in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s DLC: The Teal Mask. There is no chance of encountering a shiny Fezandipiti yet.

It’s not worth your time to keep resetting the game, as the new Loyal Trio legendaries currently have no shiny forms available.

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