It is another week of the FC Pro Open, which means another Mystery Nation objective has arrived for Matchday 7. Scoring goals with players from this hidden country will secure you some pretty good rewards!

In order to know what the nation is, you will have to watch the FC Pro Open tournament. However, we understand not everyone will have the time, so we have found the answer for you.

So, let’s head on in and showcase how you can earn rewards using this Mystery Nation, which could contain one of the TOTY items!

What Is the Mystery Nation for Matchday 7?

The Mystery Nation for Matchday 7 is Sweden.

This Mystery Nation objective requires players to “Score 3 Finesse Shots using a player from the mystery nation in any Ultimate Team game mode.”

Once you have the answer, take a player from this country and start scoring those goals. As a reward, you will earn an 83+ Rare Gold Player Pack (Untradeable) and 1000 Coins for a 5-match boost.

Mystery Nation Matchday 7

The FC Pro Open Matchday 7 is currently underway. Make sure to keep up to date with all of the results as they happen.

There are plenty of stipulations for regular Ultimate Team players, as five FC Pro Live items are in contention for upgrades!

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