As expected, another Mystery Nation Easter Egg Objective for the FC Pro Open Matchday 6 has arrived in Ultimate Team.

To know what this nation is, you will have to watch Matchday 6; however, if you do not have time, we have you covered with the answer.

So, let’s dive in and discuss what this secret nation is and how you can earn yourself a set of rewards by completing a specific task.

What Is the Mystery Nation for Matchday 6?

The Mystery Nation for Matchday 6 is Poland. We scored a goal Finesse shot with Arkadiusz Milik and it counted towards the progress.

The Objective in question requires players to “Score 3 Finesse Shots using a player from the mystery nation in any Ultimate Team game mode.” So now, grab a player who is Polish and head into any mode to complete it.

For completing it, you will earn an 83+ Rare Gold Player Pack (Untradeable) and 1000 Coins for a 5-match boost.

 Mystery Nation Matchday 6

As stated, Matchday 6 is the event associated with this Objective. If you want to keep up with the action, you can find out all of the results here!

A few FC Pro Live items are once again in contention for upgrades, so if you own any of them, you will undoubtedly want to pay attention.

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