The brand new FC Pro Open Easter Egg Objective has players attempting to uncover a mystery nation, and when found, you can earn yourself a high-value pack and a coin boost in FC 24.

EA Sports FC is known to sporadically release clever riddles for Objectives, and now the first of FC 24 has arrived.

However, this time, they require you to watch the FC Pro Open to uncover this Easter Egg. Luckily, players have already found what country they need to use.

What Is the Mystery Nation?

The mystery nation for the FC Pro Open Easter Egg is Uruguay. This was uncovered by FC 24 players who have already finished the challenge.

This Objective requires players to “Score 3 goals with a Finesse shot using a player from the mystery nation in any Ultimate Team game mode.”

The identity of this country was meant to be hinted at during the FC Pro Open Matchday 1 event. However, now you can grab a Uruguayan player and head into a match to complete it ahead of schedule!

FC Pro Open Easter Egg Mystery Nation

To score a Finesse Shot, all you have to do is press the following button combinations:

  • Xbox: RB + B
  • PlayStation: R1 + Circle
  • PC: D + Left Mouse Button

We suggest heading into a game of Squad Battles on Semi-Pro difficulty. This way, you can quickly complete the FC Pro Open Easter Egg – Mystery Nation challenge.

Players must be quick to finish the Objective as it will only stick around until Tuesday, November 28, 2023, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT. This means you have to complete it.

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