PlayStyle+’s are one of the most critical attributes a player can have in FC 24, but in Ultimate Team, players have only been able to have one – at least until this latest glitch.

When it comes to the best players in the game, you will likely find that they have a PlayStyle+. These powerful traits can be devastating if used correctly.

A new glitch has been found that lets you give a player two PlayStyle+’s. We know you are eager to know how to do it, so let’s get into it.

How to Do Two PlayStyle+ Glitch in FC 24 Ultimate Team

To do the two PlayStyle+ glitch in FC 24, you need to put a player into an Evolution that grants a PlayStyle+, complete it, but do not claim the final reward.

Then, you need to wait for the Evo to expire. Once it expires, put the Evolution into another that gives a PlayStyle+. When they are the active player, claim the rewards from the previous Evolution and finish the second Evo.

  1. Do an Evolution that gives the player a PlayStyle+
  2. Complete all the challenges but do not claim the final reward
  3. Wait until the Evolution expires
  4. When it expires, you will then be able to put it into another Evolution
Evolution Expiry Time FC 24
  1. Make sure the next Evolution also grants a PlayStyle+ and put them into it
  2. Now, go back and claim the rewards from Step 2
  3. Complete all the challenges in the second Evolution
  4. Your player will now have two PlayStyle+

This glitch was discovered by FC 24 player TreytheTrain, as they could give their evolved Cancelo Intercept and Incisive Pass+.

In this case, they put the Barcelona defender into Rare Defender Upgrade, waited for it to expire, and then put him into Pep’s Legacy.

This is more than likely an unintended glitch that will be patched shortly. However, at the moment, EA Sports has yet to address it.

With the two PlayStyle+’s on the item and the ability to go into games with them, it appears this is actually in the code, but is likely being saved for later on in the game cycle.

However, for now, this is a great way to make your players even more powerful in-game!

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