If you have ever accidentally quick sold a player in FC 24 or had to discard a duplicate you didn’t want to, do not worry, as Ultimate Team actually has a Quick Sell Recovery feature!

This has been a lifesaver on multiple occasions for us, and you can use it, too. We have probably all been in instances where we pack a duplicate 85 or higher item but have no SBC to use them in.

Well, with Quick Sell Recovery in FC 24, you can use it to bring back items and even use it as a duplicate storage vault!

How to Use

To use Quick Sell Recovery in FC 24, you will have to log in to your Ultimate Team account on either the Companion or Web App. Then head to “Club” and select “Quick Sell Recovery.”

From here, choose the date on which the player was quick sold, and select “Recover.”

FC 24 Quick Sell Recovery

Before using Quick Sell Recovery, there are some details you will need to know:

  • You can only recover five players over a 31-day period. This starts the first time you recover an item.
  • You have seven days to recover an item once quick-sold.
  • After the 31-days, your five recoveries will reset.

Quick Sell Recovery can be beneficial for completing SBCs. If you pack a duplicate item but have nowhere to use it, you can discard it for later use.

It is worth noting, you will have to pay the discard price of all items, but this means recovery untradeables will be free.

Once you get rid of the original item, head to the Companion or Web App to retrieve it! We make sure to make use of it all of the time.

After all, high-rated fodder can be expensive, and retrieving discarded items is free as long as they are untradeable.

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