Ultimate Team fans have noticed a glaring issue, resulting in a toxic community, that they want to be changed in FC 24 – not getting a win when the opponent quits while the game is a draw.

Imagine you are 2-0 down and work hard to bring the game back to 2-2, but the opposing team quits instead of giving you the chance to complete an exciting comeback. In these cases, it becomes a complete waste of time for you.

It can be very frustrating. Now, this problem is growing as more and more players are noticing a rise in disconnects when the game is level.

FC 24 Players Noticing the Rise of Toxic Gamers

FC 24 Ultimate Team fans are calling for EA Sports to address the issue where opponents are quitting games while it is a draw, making these matchups a complete waste of time.

Frustrating, right? Well, here’s the big issue – your opponent takes the loss, and you’re left with a match that never happened. You do not get a win, loss, or draw on your record.

In instances where they quit late on in the game, you will have spent a solid 15-20 minutes attempting to win.

Only for the opponent to pause, exit the game, and disconnect the match. It ends up being a waste of time cause your opposition would rather quit than risk losing and giving you the victory.

FC 24 Haaland Celebration

This has led many in the FC 24 community to say it is making the game “toxic.” One person on Reddit says it is a product of the environment that the developers have created.

byu/NoTip961 from discussion

Meanwhile, this X/Twitter user says they have completely turned away from the game.

And while many will have the same thoughts as this person, implementing it is a significant problem.

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In previous titles, there have been massive issues with people using “disconnect glitches” to get easy wins. In these games, they would go 1-0 up and then make your game force quit, giving them the victory.

If something like this were to happen, there would be a rise in players abusing it and making you disconnect as soon as the game starts.

Of course, EA Sports could find a middle ground. They could only award players a 3-0 win after a certain time.

Unfortunately, we don’t expect much to happen after years of Ultimate Team fans calling for this change. However, we can all hope that EA Sports finally listens.

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