With the imminent arrival of Team of the Year in FC 24, a trustworthy insider has shared groundbreaking news, indicating that the upcoming TOTY items will boast not one but two PlayStyle+.

PlayStyles are a new addition to FC 24, but they have already taken over as one of, if not the most important things to look for in a player.

It will undoubtedly be an exciting few weeks in Ultimate Team, so let’s head into the details and discuss these leaks.

TOTY Items to Have Two PlayStyle+, Says Reliable Insider

TOTY items in FC 24 will have two PlayStyle+, according to reliable insider Fut Sheriff. The leaker revealed this on their X/Twitter account.

This marks a potential meta-shift that’s about to change the game. Those items with the double PlayStyle+ will be highly overpowered.

PlayStyle+ are game-changing traits, and with two active at once, there will be more ways to win a match than ever before. Very soon, players with just one will fall off the power curve within the mode.

Picture this: a TOTY Kylian Mbappé with Quick Step+, making him accelerate even faster, while combined with Finesse Shot+. His ability in front of the goal would be even better, and he would be unstoppable!

There were signs that players receiving two PlayStyle+ in Ultimate Team was coming soon. A glitch in the mode recently allowed gamers to give their items a double PlayStyle+.

It won’t be long until you no longer need a glitch for an item like this. Make sure you are up to date with when these items arrive in-game. Leakers have revealed when the event is set to begin.

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