Another season of FC 24 Ultimate Team has arrived, as Season 4 Act I offers a whole new set of rewards. However, there are some levels where you must choose between different options, and knowing which rewards are best can be tough.

We are here to help you as we break down why specific options are better than the rest. After all, you will want the best rewards possible.

So, let’s dive into the FC 24 Season 4 Act I rewards and which ones you should pick up for your club.

Best Rewards to Take

In Season 4 Act I, there are only two levels where you will have to choose rewards, and here are our suggestions:

  • Level 19
    • 87+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)
  • Level 20
    • 84+ X20 Rare Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)

Below, we will go into depth on why we believe these to be the best options. First, find out how long you have to get to both of these levels!

FC 24 Season 4 Act I Rewards

Level 19

  • Best Option:
    • 87+ X2 Rare Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)
  • Other Option:
    • 86+ X3 Rare Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)

When it comes to debating between two similar packs, we always look at the minimum possible value you will get back.

In the 86+ X3, the minimum return would be ≈30,000 coins, as at the time of writing, 86 OVR items are priced between 9,500 and 10,000 coins.

Meanwhile, in the 87+ X2, the lowest possible value you could get back is ≈32,000 coins. This is because 87 OVR items are around 16,000 and 17,000 coins.

FC 24 Season 4 Act I Best Rewards for Level 19

Level 20

  • Best Option:
    • 84+ X20 Rare Gold Players Pack (Untradeable)
  • Other Options:
    • Winter Wildcards ICON Bergkamp (Untradeable)
    • 87+ X4 Players Pack (Untradeable)

The 84+X20 is the best rewards option in FC 24 Season 1 Act I for Level 20. This is cause it is a club stock pack. While the minimum value is less than the 87+X4, you are getting five times the number of players.

As we have seen so far in FC 24 Ultimate Team, having a stocked club is very important. There are lots of SBCs, and having tons of fodder is essential.

Additionally, we didn’t even consider Dennis Bergkamp, as he can be purchased off the market.

FC 24 Season 4 Act I Best Rewards for Level 20
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