Chelsea midfielder Moises Caicedo has been given a Radioactive SBC player item. Here is the cheapest way to complete him.

If you do not know, Radioactive players offer an exciting chemistry boost. They provide +2 instead of +1 to all of their chemistry points.

Caicedo will always have 2 Chemistry if he is played as a CDM or a CM. Let’s dive into this SBC.


The Moises Caicedo SBC will cost players around 96,000 coins to complete. There are three squads to finish, each giving you a tradeable pack to recoup some value.

The SBC is live until December 16, 2023, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT. This means you have to pick this item up.

Cheapest Solution

Here are the cheapest solutions to each of the three SBC segments for Radioactive Moises Caicedo:

Premier League

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 1 Premier League Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 83 Team OVR Rating
    • 11 Players in Squad
  • Reward: Small Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • Cost: 9,500 coins
Melvine Malard82700
Tabea Sellner83900
Sophie Schmidt83900
Hannah Blundell83900
Yui Hasegawa82700
Laura Freigang83900
Andreas Christensen83900
Sergio Busquets83900
Guido Rodriguez83900
Gianluca Mancini83900
Premier League Solution

84-Rated Squad

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 84 Team Overall Rating
    • 11 Players in Squad
  • Reward: Small Prime Electrum Players Pack
  • Cost: 28,100 coins
Katharina Naschenweng83900
Chris Smalling842800
Pierre Emile Hojbjerg842800
Kim Little8611500
Thiago Silva842800
Filip Kostic83900
Gianluca Mancini83900
Patrik Schick83900
Guido Rodriguez83900
Aubrey Kingsbury842800
Laura Freigang83900
84 Rated Squad

Top Form

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 1 TOTW Item in Starting 11
    • Min. 85 Team OVR Rating
    • 11 Players in Squad
  • Reward: Rare Mixed Players Pack
  • Cost: 58,400 coins
Meghan Klingenberg83900
Sebastien Haller83900
Joao Palhinha 83900
Khadija Shaw (TOTW)8611500
Filip Kostic83900
Nicola Barella8611500
Magdalena Eriksson83900
Becky Sauerbrunn857000
Cristiana Girelli8611500
Sadio Mane8611500
Borja Iglesias83900
Moises Caicedo SBC Top Form Squad

Is It Worth Completing?

Yes, for 96,000 coins, the Moises Caicedo SBC comes in reasonably cheap for a player with his stats.

Based on our FC 24 experience, here are the reasons we like this item:

  • Excellent PlayStyles
    • Caicedo has some of the best PlayStyles in the game. These include Anticipate, Relentless, Intercept, and Tiki Taka.
  • Key Stats
    • He has good stats in the key areas. His passing is low, but he has high Short and Long Passing. Good Dribbling and excellent Ball Control. Great Defending and good Physical stats.
  • Chemistry
    • Due to the Radioactive item’s properties, you will have no issues getting him into a team. He will always be on 2 Chem minimum.
Moises Caicedo SBC Stats
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