An FC 24 Pro player has revealed a “broken” corner tactic that makes scoring from these set pieces much easier.

We have all had our hand at taking corners. However, not all the time do they turn out successful. With this broken mechanic, the ball will fly into the net, and it is straightforward to do.

Your corners will basically be penalties, where your chances of scoring are higher than missing. Let’s head into this tactic.

How to Do Broken Corner Tactic

To do this broken corner tactic in FC 24, you must launch the ball to the unmarked player outside the box, and they must have the Power Shot PlayStyle or PlayStyle+.

Before the ball lands at their feet, do a power shot with around three to three and a half bars of power and aim towards the goal. The player will then strike a powerful volley, which has a high chance of going into the net.

  1. Aim the pass out from the corner to the man outside the box, as shown below.
    • This player will always be unmarked.
    • They must also have Power Shot or Power Shot+.
    • Based on their position in your squad, the player outside the box will always be the same, so note who the unmarked player is.
    • For example, if it is your LCM, ensure it has the PlayStyle.
Man outside box for Broken Corner tactic fc 24
  1. When the ball is roughly halfway from the corner and the player, perform a power shot with between 3 – 3.5 bars of power. Here is how to use a power shot:
    • PlayStation: L1 + R1 + Shoot
    • Xbox: LT + RT + Shoot
    • PC: Hold Left-Shift + Press D + Left-Mouse Click
  2. Now watch as the ball flies into the net or creates a good scoring chance.
Power and Ball Location FC 24

FC 24 pro player Levi de Weerd made this corner technique public. He posted it on TikTok, and you can view it in action below:

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