Breaking down the opponent in FC 24 Pro Clubs can sometimes be difficult, but a squad of players has found a genius long-throw tactic that results in many goals.

Throw-ins are the most common set-pieces teams will get in games. More often than not, very little will come from them.

However, by using this tactic, you can score past opponents, and there isn’t much they can do to prevent it, thanks to the offside rule. Let’s dive into it!

OP Long Throw Tactic In FC 24 Pro Clubs

By putting on the Long Throw+ PlayStyle, Pro Clubs players can create scoring chances by throwing the ball further distances.

The Long Throw+ PlayStyle will be unlocked between Level 54 and 64. We have already unlocked it so we do not know the exact level. However, you can use the regular trait if you do not have it available, although, it will be much less effective.

FC 24 Pro Clubs Long Throw PlayStyle+

Since the offside rule states that you can not be offside when receiving a pass from a throw-in, it makes this tactic very powerful. You can stand far away from the opposing defenders when looking for the ball.

Additionally, whenever a player has the Long Throw+ PlayStyle in FC 24 Pro Clubs, the game automatically puts them on every throw-in.

This was discovered by content creator Leskigames, and was uploaded to their Tik Tok account. You can view this video below:

Just look at the type of goals they score and how easy they can be to replicate! It is certainly a tactic we will adopt to climb those divisions!

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