Harry Maguire is the Premier League POTM for November and has received an SBC item in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

The English defender has received an incredible boost. EA Sports has given him +36 Pace and the Slide Tackle+ PlayStyle.

This SBC item looks very usable, so players may be looking to pick him up for their team. Let’s dive into the cheapest solution and if Maguire is worth completing.

Cost & Expiry Date

The POTM Harry Maguire SBC will cost players around 86,000 coins. There are two squads to complete with each offering a tradeable pack upon submitting them.

This SBC will expire on January 8, 2024, at 3 AM PT / 6 AM ET / 11 AM GMT. This means you will have to complete both squads.

Cheapest Solution

Here are the cheapest solutions for the POTM Harry Maguire SBC:


  • Requirements:
    • Min. 1 English Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 84 Team OVR Rating
    • 11 Players in Squad
  • Reward: Small Prime Electrum Players Pack
  • Cost: 25,400 coins
Amanda Ilestadt842600
Leah Galton831000
Adrianna Franch831000
Koen Casteels842600
Kim Min Jae842600
Pierre Emile Hojbjerg842600
Jane Campbell842600
Serge Gnabry842600
Caitlin Foord842600
Niklas Sule842600
Linda Dallmann842600
England Solution

Premier League

  • Requirements:
    • Min. 1 Premier League Player in Starting 11
    • Min. 85 Team OVR Rating
    • 11 Players in Squad
  • Reward: Small Rare Mixed Players Pack
  • Cost: 61,400 coins
Martin Odegaard8719000
Koen Casteels842600
Amanda Ilestadt842600
Lina Magull8719000
Niklas Sule842600
Serge Gnabry842600
Linda Dallmann842600
Leroy Sane842600
Jane Campbell842600
Luis Alberto842600
Caroline Weir842600
Premier League Solution

Is It Worth Completing?

Yes, the POTM Harry Maguire SBC is worth completing for 86,000 coins.

Here is why we believe he is a well-priced item based on our experience in FC 24:

  • Great Pace for a CB
    • 82 is an exceptional Pace for a CB at this stage of the game. Considering van Dijk is one of the best defenders in FC 24, Maguire also has a more favorable Pace split.
      • Maguire – 78 Acceleration & 85 Sprint Speed
      • Van Dijk – 67 Acceleration & 87 Sprint Speed
  • Excellent PlayStyles
    • This new POTM item has been given a PlayStyle+, making him more powerful than if it was not added. Maguire has Jockey, Block, Slide Tackle+, and the Long Ball Pass PlayStyles. These are all great traits for a CB.
  • Passing and Dribbling
    • One of the most underrated attributes for a CB in FC 24 is their Passing and Dribbling. Maguire has excellent numbers in the key areas. He has 85 Short and Long Passing, while everything besides Agility and Balance is 83 or above in Dribbling.
    • While Agility and Balance are important, they are not essential. For example, Virgil van Dijk only has 7 more Agility, has the same Balance, and is considered one of the best CBs in the game.
POTM Harry Maguire SBC Stats
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