The FC Founder II Evolution is now available for FC 24 Founders, but the requirements have frustrated many players in the community.

This is the second Founder’s Evolution, which is only available for those who booted up FC 24 before November 1, 2023, at 11:59 PM PT. However, despite previous statements from EA Sports FC, most of the original Founder Evolution items are ineligible for this second boost.

This has caused lots of the community to be unhappy, as they have been waiting months for another upgrade to their Founder Evos. Let’s dive into this Evolutions issue and the reaction from the fanbase.

Founders II Evo Doesn’t Fit Original Evolutions

The FC Founder II Evolution’s requirements mean that some of the Evos used in the original upgrade back on the game’s release do not work.

For example, those with a Founder Evolution of Darwin Núñez or Arnaut Danjuma cannot put them into this second upgrade. These were two of the most selected choices in September and October 2023.

FC 24 players have been left extremely confused as this goes against the developers’ previous statement. EA Sports FC stated that “extra Founder Evolutions” would become available, allowing you to “continue to upgrade your Founders Player.”

It appears this is not the case now. Most of the popular initial Founder Evos are ineligible for this second progression path.

“Founders will receive additional Evolutions upgrades, exclusive to their status throughout key moments during the year. These extra Founder Evolutions will allow you to continue to upgrade your Founders Player Item.”

EA Sports FC Official Site
FC Founder Nunez Evolution

Community Reaction

The community was understandably not happy with the FC Founder II Evolution. Many took to social media to express their frustration.

Reddit user LukaLockup took to the site and created a thread that received much traction. According to them, the second Founder Evolution is “false advertisement.”

Isn’t this false advertising?
byu/LukaLockup inEASportsFC

One player responded, saying it could be a bug. This is because all but the shooting stat fit for the first Founder Evolution items.

byu/LukaLockup from discussion

Meanwhile, another has been waiting months for another Founders Evolution. Now, they can not even use Lucía García and upgrade her further.

byu/LukaLockup from discussion

This X user believes not being able to use your original item is pointless.

Hopefully, Reddit user Qwerty1519 is right, and this is simply a bug within the game. We will have to wait and see if the developers adjust the requirements or if all of these criteria were intentional.

It is worth noting that EA Sports FC have not addressed the community reaction so far. If this changes we will be sure to to update this article.

If it is the case of it being an intended set of requirements, it will be a big disappointment for many players in the FC 24 community, who have been waiting for quite some time to give their club legends another upgrade.

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